The Democrats’ Dangerous Policies

Grind for August 1st, 2018
“Would you believe in what you believe in if you were the only one who believed it?”

– Kanye West

Bad News

The Headline

The FBI is working with the Southern Poverty Law Center

The Grind

The FBI this week confirmed it has been working with the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) – a legal advocacy group notorious for condemning right-leaning organizations as hate groups.

“If you’ve been paying any attention at all, the SPLC is a fraudulent enterprise,” says Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. “It’s a leftwing political group that uses ‘hate crime’ designations to target its ideological enemies and to crush people.”

In 2013, an employee of the Christian Family Research Council was shot after the SPLC labeled the group “anti-gay.”

In June, the SPLC reached a $3.3 million settlement with the Quilliam Foundation after condemning the organization as “anti-Muslim.”

The Details

In a letter to the FBI, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) described the FBI’s relationship with the SPLC as “surprising and worrisome.”

In his letter, Gaetz asks the FBI for more information about its relationship with the SPLC – including how much weight the agency gives to its designations of ‘hate groups’ and what sort of information it provides to the organization.

“The SPLC’s conflation of mainstream political advocacy groups with legitimate hate groups and domestic terror groups is absurd, frequently indiscriminate, and dangerous,” continues Gaetz.

In the meantime, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered the bureau to re-evaluate its relationship with the SPLC and any other organizations known to discriminate.

The FBI uses all sorts of people and organizations as sources; the question here is how the FBI uses them. Since the SPLC is about as biased as it gets, this could expose further political bias within the FBI.

There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

The Headline

Bernie Sanders’ “free healthcare” proposal would cost over $30 trillion

The Grind

Socialist politicians like Bernie Sanders love to talk about free healthcare, but what you don’t hear them talk about is how much it would cost.

According to a recent analysis conducted at George Mason University, Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for all” proposal would increase government healthcare spending by more than $32 trillion over the next decade.

Annual government spending would be between $2.5 trillion and $3 trillion.

Sanders criticized the report as “biased” and said it was “absurd” to suggest that the United States could not guarantee healthcare to all just like every other “major country on Earth” already does.

The Details

As noted in the report, Sanders’ plan would require massive tax increases that would in some cases cost more than today’s insurance premiums.

“There are going to be a lot of people who’ll pay more in taxes than they save on premiums,” explains health policy expert Kenneth Thorpe.

Other drawbacks include:

– Would require a massive government expansion

– Would require corporate and individual tax increases of more than 50%

– Would fuel an increased demand for healthcare

– Would require doctors to accept lower payments

No matter how you look at it, Sanders’ healthcare proposal would triple the national debt and cause hyperinflation – at which point borrowing money from other countries would be impossible. The government would be forced to print more money, and we would experience complete economic collapse similar to what is happening in Venezuela.

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