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Grind for August 5th, 2018
“Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get.”

– H Jackson Brown, Jr.

Good Advice

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Recycling only works when you do it right

The Grind

Many people like to recycle because it makes them feel like a good person who cares for the environment, however, we aren’t doing a very good job.

According to recent reports, only 60-80% of recycling is actually recycled. The rest ends up in a landfill.

Here are a few things you can’t throw into the recycling:

– A pizza box with food residue

– To-go coffee cups and K-cups

– Plastic bags full of cans or bottles

“Plastic bags and other plastic films can create issues for waste haulers and damage machinery at recycling facilities,” explains Megan Walton of the Delta Institute. It is appropriate, however, to group paper goods inside paper bags such as the kind you get at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

The Details

When you see the recycling symbol, don’t assume that item is recyclable in your area. Plastics are numbered 1-7, and not every city accepts every type of plastic.

Always rinse containers before tossing them. Something like a half-full can of soda can contaminate an entire load. Today, the average contamination rate among cities and businesses is about 25%.

Other rules to keep in mind include:

– Always separate lids from jars

– Don’t recycle receipts or scraps of paper

– Don’t recycle shredded documents

The first step in proper recycling is to find the recycling guidelines for your area. This information can generally be found on your city’s sanitation website.

What Do You Expect?

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Amazon is getting even richer

The Grind

Amazon’s profit topped $2 billion for the first time ever this quarter, pushing shares up 4% to reach an all-time high of $1,896.40. The company’s market value is currently at $916.97 billion.

Wall Street celebrated the news while overlooking Amazon’s decision to scale back revenue growth in exchange for bigger profits.

Brokerage Oppenheimer raised its price target on Amazon stock to $2,130 (an increase of $380), claiming that Q2’s high levels of profitability could become the new norm.

“What we’ve been waiting on for many years is finally happening, meaningful margin expansion,” reports Macquarie Research.

The Details

While the average consumer might use Amazon to purchase electronics or households goods, the company’s sky-high profits are actually driven by Amazon Web Services (AWS) – a subsidiary that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to companies, individuals, and governments.

In Q2, AWS generated nearly 55% of the company’s total operating income.

“Broad-based strength suggests to us Amazon is hitting that elusive margin leverage tipping point investors have been awaiting, driven by AWS and advertising.”

News of Amazon’s profits was also a relief for investors after repeated privacy scandals caused a nosedive in Facebook stock.

If such explosive growth continues, Amazon could soon become the world’s first trillion-dollar public company. It just has to beat Apple and Google.

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