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Grind for August 10th, 2018
“I refuse to accept other people’s ideas of happiness for me. As if there’s a ‘one size fits all’ standard for happiness.” – Kanye West

Stand Up For Your Rights

The Headline

Labor unions vastly outspend pro-union groups in effort to overturn Missouri’s “right-to-work” law

The Grind

Pro-union groups have received more than $16 million to support their efforts to overturn a law that significantly restricts the power of unions in the state of Missouri.

On August 7th, voters will decide whether to keep or reject a “right-to-work” law signed by former Republican Governor Eric Greitens in 2017.

Those who support the law insist that private sector workers should not be forced to pay union dues. GOP state lawmakers say the law makes Missouri more attractive for potential employers – including manufacturers.

On the other side, you have Democrats and pro-union groups who say the law restricts unions’ ability to fight for workers’ rights.

“Without collective bargaining we’re at risk of losing our health benefits, our retirement savings, and being forced to take a pay cut,” says Quiema Spencer, a 39-year-old pipe fitter. “I can’t afford that with the cost of living going up.”

The Details

Currently, 28 states have right-to-work laws that block unions from requiring workers to pay dues. If Missouri overturns the law, it will be the first time in US history that a right-to-work law is overturned by popular vote.

“I’ll make a prediction: we’re going to win,” says Richard Trumka, head of the massive labor union federation AFL-CIO. “We’re going to win because it’s what workers want and because making our voices heard is what we do best.”

Organizations seeking to overturn the law have received more than five times as much money as those seeking to keep it in place.

The vote in Missouri is especially significant given the Supreme Court’s June ruling to strike down mandatory union fees for public sector workers.

A Waste Of Time

The Headline

UCLA Pays Students to Fight Whiteness, Patriarchy

The Grind

The University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) is paying 18 students $13 an hour to fight “social injustices.”

Students involved in the Diversity Peer Leader internship program will be tasked with helping others “navigate a world that operates on whiteness, patriarchy, and heteronormativity as the primary ideologies.”

Students involved in the program will host group dialogues with other students on issues like race relations, cross-cultural communication, toxic masculinity, and gun violence. In exchange, interns will receive training in dialogue facilitation, leadership, and conflict resolution.

A pilot program launched in 2016 included discussions on:

— The everyday difficulties faced by people of color

— Myths and truths about reverse racism, allyship, and intersectionality

— How to navigate desire and love in a society with Eurocentric standards

The Details

Depending on the number of hours put in by each intern, the program will cost UCLA between $28,000 and $42,000 per year.

“The cost of the program alone could have gone to multiple scholarships, and potentially given a disadvantaged student a full ride through college,” explains UCLA student Arik Schneiderman.

Funding for the Diversity Peer Leader internship program comes from UCLA’s mandatory “Student Services Fee,” which costs each student $1,128 every academic year.

The program is a “waste of student funds to address the leftist agenda,” says Schneiderman. “Students should only be forced to subsidize programs which are necessary. It is the perfect example of the worst of Big Government, Big Bureaucracy. It does nothing and turns into a bottomless pit for money.”

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