Bad News For Democrats

Grind for August 29th, 2018
“We aren’t in an information age, we are in an entertainment age.”

– Tony Robbins

Are You Surprised?

The Headline

Fewer people are watching liberal media

The Grind

Liberal media networks like CNN and MSNBC have struggled to retain viewers following the contentious 2016 presidential elections.

CNN’s primetime and daytime ratings are down more than 23% compared to last year, and ratings for MSNBC are down 8% for primetime and 4% for daytime.

Conservative network Fox News, on the other hand, finished #1 in daytime viewers for 32 consecutive weeks and saw a 4% increase in viewership.

The Details

According to AdWeek, CNN had just over 1 million primetime viewers during the week of August 13th-18th; MSNBC had about 2 million and Fox News had about 3 million.

“Fox News continues its steak as cable TV’s most-watched channel, marking its 19th consecutive weekly win among total day viewers during the week of May 14th,” reports AdWeek.

And while all three networks experienced a dip in primetime viewership shortly after the election, losses for CNN (-47%) and MSNBC (-42%) were significantly larger than Fox News (-2%).

The takeaway here is that audiences are getting sick and tired of watching verbal fights between pro- and anti-Trump commentators. On top of that is Trump’s fight with certain news agencies, which has likely contributed to a decrease in viewership.

Maximum Effort

The Headline

DNC appeals to Bernie Sanders supporters with landmark changes to election policy

The Grind

The Democratic National Committee last weekend approved a landmark reform package designed to reinvigorate the party and to heal the divides created during the 2016 presidential primary.

Changes include:

— Superdelegates will no longer vote on the first ballot at a presidential nominating convention

— State-run caucuses will accept absentee ballots and permit same-day party changes

— DNC will improve transparency in regards to operations, finances, and dealings with presidential candidates

— Candidates seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination will be required to declare themselves as Democrats

The Details

These changes are aimed at Bernie Sanders supporters, who felt superdelegates had too much influence in choosing the party’s candidate in 2016.

“Today is a historic day for our party,” says DNC Chairman Tom Perez. “We passed major reforms that will not only put our next presidential nominee in the strongest position possible, but will help us elect Democrats up and down the ballot, across the country.”

Perez said he hoped that Millennials, many of whom are registered as Independents, will “look at what we did today and say, wow, the party is listing to me.”

The last bullet point above is directly aimed at Bernie Sanders, who refused to join the Democratic Party even as he sought its presidential nomination in 2016.

The reform package passed with support from nearly all of the DNC’s 400+ voting members. Even those who disagreed admitted the changes were a price worth paying for intra-party peace.

“It’s a way to demonstrate the party understands the views of the people – while I may not agree with them – who feel that we were not as transparent as we should have been,” said DNC member Jay Jacobs (NY).

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