Blazing Stocks And Cool Antimatter

Grind for September 3rd, 2018
“Before I got married I had six theories about raising children; now, I have six children and no theories.”

– John Wilmot

The Future Is Now

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Scientists are close to cooling antimatter

The Grind

Research published last Wednesday suggests scientists are one step closer to cooling antimatter – an achievement that could help us learn more about what the heck antimatter really is.

Here’s what we know: matter is comprised of protons (positive charge) and electrons (negative charge). Antimatter is comprised of antiprotons and positrons, which have the same mass but opposite charges.

When one subatomic particle meets its antimatter equivalent, the two destroy each other. In theory, the Big Bang should have produced equal amounts of matter an antimatter – but that isn’t what happened.

The Details

Physicists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research are hoping to use a laser apparatus to cool antimatter to make it easier to study.

The team has already been successful in creating antihydrogen atoms and using the laser to force the atoms to undergo the Lyman-alpha transition.

“The Lyman-alpha transition is the most basic, important transition in regular hydrogen atoms, and to capture the same phenomenon in antihydrogen opens up a new era in antimatter science,” explains researcher Takamasa Momose.

The Lyman-alpha transition is a critical first step towards the eventual cooling of antihydrogen. If the team is able to do the same for antimatter, they will be better able to study it – and hopefully unravel some of the secrets of the universe.

In particular, the team hopes to learn more about how antimatter interacts with gravity.

No Pun Intended

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Cannabis stocks hit record highs

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Shares of Canadian marijuana company Canopy Growth have been soaring since mid-August, when Constellation Brands boosted its investment in the company by $4 billion.

Constellation, which owns Corona, SVEDKA vodka, and Casa Noble tequila, bought a 10% stake in Canopy in 2017. The $4 billion increase pushes Constellation’s holdings to 38% and introduces the option to buy a controlling share of more than 50%.

“This could potentially be one of the most significant global growth opportunities for the next decade,” says Constellation CEO Rob Sands.

The announcement coincided with a 30% increase in Canopy stock and a 6% decrease in Constellation stock.

The Details

Constellation’s investment in Canopy sparked investors’ interest in rival cannabis companies Cronos Group and Tilray – which experienced stock increases of 40% and 60% during the past week.

Meanwhile, investors in Constellation are hoping the company will eventually launch cannabis-based beverages and edibles. Such products will be legal in Canada starting October 17th.

“Cronos and Tilray, as well as Canopy, are all seeking to take advantage of Canada’s legalization of pot and there have been a flurry of announcements from the companies about their plans,” reports CNN.

Tilray and Cronos announced this week plans to sell marijuana through the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation.

Canopy, through its subsidiary Tweed, will start selling dried flower, pre-rolled joints, oils, and soft gel capsules in Ontario beginning October 17th.

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