Haley’s End And Kavanaugh’s Beginning

Grind for October 11th, 2018
“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person; he believed in me.”

– Jim Valvano

Another One Bites The Dust

The Headline

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley announces resignation

The Grind

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley will be leaving her position at the end of the year, announced President Trump on Tuesday.

Her decision came as a surprise to most White House officials, who questioned why she would make such an announcement right before midterms.

“She’s done a fantastic job and we’ve done a fantastic job together,” said Trump — adding that Haley told him six months ago she was considering taking a break from public service.

The Details

Haley served as governor of South Carolina for six years before she was appointed to the position of UN envoy in November 2016.

Despite her opposition to Trump during the 2016 elections, Haley went on to become an invaluable member of his administration and a dependable voice at the UN. Her position was not an easy one, especially considering the global criticism regarding Trump’s decision to withdraw from the JCPOA and his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

“For those that don’t have our back, we’re taking names,” said Haley during her first day on the job.

In June, when she announced Trump’s decision to withdraw from the UNHRC, Haley described the organization as a “protector of human rights abusers” and a “cesspool of political bias.”

Haley did not give a specific reason for her decision to resign, but confirmed she would not be running for office in 2020.

“I think that it’s just very important for government officials to understand when it’s time to step aside,” she said. “And I do think that sometimes it’s good to rotate in other people who can put that same energy and power into it.”

Trump said he plans to have a replacement lined up by the end of the month. “I think it’s become maybe a more glamorous position than it was two years ago. Nikki Haley has made it a better position.”

Taking His Place

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Kavanaugh hears first case as Supreme Court Justice

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Judge Brett Kavanaugh heard his first Supreme Court case Tuesday, just three days after winning confirmation to the court.

The argument involved two cases related to criminal sentencing and illegal gun possession.

Both cases referred to the Armed Career Criminal Act – a law that allows judges to add 15 or more years in prison for illegal gun possession in cases where criminals have three or more previous convictions.

Kavanaugh asked five questions during the first hour, and was seen chatting with fellow Justice Elena Kagan during a break in the argument.

Elena, a liberal judge whom Kavanaugh cited more than once during his confirmation process, was nominated by Obama in 2010.

The Details

In the first case, the court considered whether a slight physical encounter should trigger the extended sentence; in the second, they debated whether burglary of a tent or vehicle should trigger the sentence.

“I think if you’re convicted three separate times of breaking into an RV…you would be on some notice that you shouldn’t be possessing a firearm under federal law,” said Kavanaugh.

According to those present, the tone in the courtroom on Tuesday was surprisingly amiable considering the partisan bickering and protests that continually interrupted Kavanaugh’s confirmation process.

Less than 30 protestors stood outside the courtroom, and there were no outbursts from the audience.

Final decisions on the two cases are expected by June of next year.

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