US Economy Takes Back The Top Spot

Grind for October 20th, 2018
“Power is not alluring to pure minds.”
– Thomas Jefferson

The Future Is Now

The Headline

New report describes “programmable smart pills” that keep watch on a person’s individual medical needs

The Grind

We already have smart pills that can help regulate your bowel movements and track whether or not you’re taking your meds.

The next step is a programmable pill that responds to your cells’ individual needs.

According to a report by MIT Tech Review, researchers at the University of Chicago have found a way to trick human DNA into acting like a switch.

They hope to combine these switches to create logic gates – the basic building blocks used to power smartphones and computers.

The Details

This research is important in that it could lead to:

— Incredible new medical treatments

— Better health for everyone

— A future in which tiny computers “live” in the human body.

The end goal here is to use the logic gates to create programmable pills capable of keeping tabs on a person’s health. Ideally, the pills would identify medical problems at the earliest stage.

As noted by Futurism’s Jon Christian, the existence of tiny computers inside our bodies could also call into question the very definition of humanity – or represent the first step towards a cyborg future.


The Headline

Under Trump, US is world’s “most competitive” economy

The Grind

As ranked by the World Economic Forum, the United State is once again the most competitive country in the world – regaining the top spot for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis.

Coming in behind America were Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan. All five countries’ scores improved from 2017, with the largest increase going to Japan.

Countries were assessed on a variety of indicators such as infrastructure, education, innovation, and market size. The United States scored 85.6 out of 100.

“Economic recovery is well underway,” noted the report, but that recovery is “vulnerable to a range of risks and potential shocks” including trade frictions between China and the US.

The Details

The report projected a 4% growth in the global economy in 2018 and 2019 and suggested the US could do more on social issues.

Areas of concern include crime (the homicide rate in the US is 5x the average for advanced economies) and corruption (the US was not among the top 10 for judicial independence).

America also falls behind in terms of healthy life expectancy and technology penetration.

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