Kidnapped Billionaire and The Honduran Caravan

Grind for October 24th, 2018
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Time To Act

The Headline

Caravan of Honduran migrants overwhelms Mexican border

The Grind

A group of 3,000-4,000 Honduran migrants arrived Friday at the border of Guatemala and Mexico.

Migrants tore down a fence and attacked police with bottles and rocks when they were told that only 100-200 people would be allowed to enter each day.

The caravan is believed to have formed in San Pedro Sula (a violent city in northwest Honduras) earlier this month, when a group of 200 people agreed on social media to travel to the US together.

The group quickly grew in size as more people saw an opportunity to travel safely without paying a smuggler.

The Details

Last week, Trump threatened to use military force if Mexico fails to stop the caravan from reaching the US border.

“The assault on our country at our Southern Border, including the criminal elements and DRUGS pouring in, is far more important to me, as president, than trade or the USMCA,” tweeted Trump, referring to the recently finalized proposal for NAFTA 2.0.

Mexico responded by offering to grant asylum to the entire caravan and has appealed to the UN for help on deciding who should stay and who should be deported.

Despite Mexico’s offer, many of the migrants are determined to make it to the US.

To enter the US, migrants will have to prove they face persecution back home. But as security analysts have pointed out, most of these migrants are not fleeing persecution; they are simply looking for a better life or trying to reconnect with family members living illegally in the US.

“This caravan brings into stark contrast and just really highlights some of the things Trump is fighting for when it comes to border security,” said Travis Korson, a Republican who works at Madison Strategies consulting firm.

Trump’s harsh rhetoric about the caravan has infuriated Democrats and galvanized Republicans ahead of midterms. His words are expected to have the biggest impact on independent voters, who could side with either party on immigration.

Catch and Release

The Headline

African’s youngest billionaire released after kidnapping

The Grind

Tanzanian politician and business tycoon Mohammed “Mo” Dewji was kidnapped on October 11th shortly after his morning workout near a luxury hotel in Dar es Salaam.

The kidnappers drove into the hotel and opened fire before seizing Mo and shoving him into a car.

Mo was found by authorities nine days later near a tennis court in the same city. He appeared unharmed except for rope marks on his hands and legs.

The motive behind the kidnapping remains unclear, but most suspect it was a ransom operation. Mo’s family offered a reward of $440,000 for his return, but police have not provided details on whether the ransom was paid.

The Details

Mo, at age 43, is commonly referred to as “Africa’s youngest billionaire.”

Mo operates the METL group – a family business that manufactures food, beverages, and textiles. In 2014, the company launched “Mo Cola” to compete with Coca-Cola in six African countries.

According to Forbes, his net worth is $1.5 billion.

“I thank Allah that I have returned home safely,” tweeted Mo on Saturday. “Thank all my fellow Tanzanians, and everyone around the world for their prayers. I thank the authorities of Tanzania, including the police force, for working for my safe return.”

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