More Evidence Of Life On Mars

Grind for October 28th, 2018

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Life Finds A Way

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New research suggests there is enough oxygen beneath the surface of Mars to support life

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According to a report published on October 22nd in Nature Geoscience, there may be sufficient oxygen beneath the surface of Mars to sustain tiny life forms like microbes and sponges.

“Due to the scarcity of oxygen in the modern Martian atmosphere, Mars has been assumed to be incapable of producing environments with sufficiently large concentrations of oxygen to support aerobic respiration,” notes the report.

But there could be enough oxygen to support life just beneath the surface.

The Implication

“We find that modern Mars can support liquid environments with dissolved oxygen,” continues the report. These environments are most likely to exist at the planet’s poles, where low temperatures at high altitudes facilitate lakes of briny water.

“Oxygen matters for Mars far more than we ever dreamt of, and it allows a new way of looking at life on Mars,” says lead author Vlada Stamenkovic.

It will be difficult to test the paper’s conclusions because Mars rovers avoid any areas where they could be water (we don’t want to taint Martian life with Earth germs).

However, as noted in the report, the findings suggest that similar opportunities for aerobic life may exist on other planets with sources of oxygen independent of photosynthesis.

You Don’t Hear That Everyday

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IBM to launch perfume business in Brazil

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Tech giant IBM will soon launch a perfume line in Brazil.

What makes this news interesting is that the fragrances were created by a robot.

The perfume line is a partnership between IBM and German fragrance company Symrise, which approached IBM in hopes that the company’s AI technology could help it modernize the tedious process of perfume-making.

IBM’s solution was to design a computer algorithm that spits out new fragrances based on existing perfume formulas and customer data.

So far, the algorithm has invented two new fragrances.

The Details

Among the first companies to carry the new fragrances is Brazilian beauty chain O Boticário.

And while reports failed to specify the names of the new perfumes, IBM’s partnership with Symrise is a sure sign that AI creations are starting to enter the world of consumer products – and take away jobs long held by human beings.

Either way, it’s very possible that humans of the future will wear cologne and perfume invented by someone (or something) without a nose.

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