America’s Hurricanes and Political Storms

Grind for November 14th, 2018
“The beauty of independence, departure, actions that rely on themselves.”

– Walt Whitman

Environmental News

The Headline

Hurricane names “Florence” and “Michael” could be retired

The Grind

Tropical storms and hurricanes are given names based on lists submitted by countries bordering ocean basins. Lists are organized alphabetically, with names alternating between masculine and feminine.

Each list is used once every six years; for example, the list used this year will be used again in 2024.

The Details

Names of particularly devastating storms – like Andrew (1992) and Katrina (2005) – are removed from the list in order to avoid causing discomfort.

This year, meteorologists are considering removing the names “Florence” and “Michael” from the list.

Hurricane Florence smashed into the East Coast in September, dumping record amounts of rain that triggered flash floods in North and South Carolina.

Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida Panhandle in October, sweeping the area with strong winds that devastated Mexico Beach and Apalachicola.

The official decision on whether to retire the names “Florence” and “Michael” will be made next spring during a meeting of the World Meteorological Organization.

Not Again

The Headline

Blatant voter fraud in Broward County, Florida

The Grind

A ballot box was discovered last weekend inside the Avis car rental center at the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

The box was brought to the attention of Broward Republican Executive Committee official Richard DeNapoli, who immediately contacted the local sheriff’s office.

Big surprise – the box was full of votes in favor of losing candidates like Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum.

Both candidates lost by small margins to Republican opponents Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis, whose victories are now threatened by the prospect of a recount.

The Details

The Fort Lauderdale Airport is located in Broward County, which just so happens to be the region represented by Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

In 2016, Wasserman-Schultz was kicked out of the DNC for leading the committee in support of Hillary Clinton (over Bernie Sanders) before she was confirmed as the party’s presidential nominee.

In charge of overseeing elections in Broward County is Brenda Snipes, another Democrat with a corrupt history.

Examples include:

— Destroying ballots too soon

— Discovering ballots after elections

–Leaving key measures off ballots

— Posting election results before polls closed

— “Accidentally” mixing rejected ballots with valid ballots

Republicans have used these examples in their accusations of voter fraud, while the Dems continue to insist the mistakes are due to “human error.”

Such “mistakes” are unacceptable in a Democracy – especially for a key swing state like Florida.

Snipes is now being sued by outgoing Governor Rick Scott, who has accused the Democrats of large-scale electoral malpractice.

“They found 78,000 new votes since Election Day, two days ago, in Broward County, and 15,000 more votes in Palm Beach, we don’t know how many more votes that they are going to come up with, but it sure appears that they are going to find as many votes as they can to win the election,” said Scott.

“So, I have asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to do an investigation. We filed a lawsuit, we are going to fight this, and we are going to win.”

Did you know… Connecticut and Rhode Island never ratified the 18th Amendment (Prohibition).