Gearing Up For The Next Presidential Election

Grind for January 8th, 2019
“My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.”

– Michael Jordan


The Headline

Thousands of people want the US to give part of Minnesota to Canada

The Grind

At the northernmost point of Minnesota is a small bit of land separated from the rest of the United States by Lake of the Woods.

The area – referred to as “the Northwest Angle” – is roughly 123 square miles and is connected by land to Canada’s Manitoba province. Most of the territory is owned by the Red Lake Indian Reservation.

As of 2010, the area’s total population was just 2010.

Last month, a petition was launched urging lawmakers to give the Northwest Angle to Canada.

“Make America great by correcting this critical survey error,” reads the petition, which so far has 3,500 signatures. The document will need 100,000 signatures before it is addressed by Congress.

The Background

The existence of the Northwest Angle dates back to the late 1700’s, when Benjamin Franklin helped negotiate the Canada-US border.

In drawing the border, Franklin and others relied on a map that failed to indicate the source of the Mississippi River and wrongly depicted Lake of the Woods as an oval.

The border was redrawn in 1818, but the Northwest Angle remained.

Based on interviews, people living in the Angle don’t seem to care what happens.

“We understand it was a mistake,” says Lisa Goulet, owner of Angle Outpost Resort. “But we are blessed and so grateful for this area and we don’t take it for granted.”

Either way, Goulet is happy that her corner of the world is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Starting Early

The Headline

Elizabeth Warren visits Iowa ahead of 2020 elections

The Grind

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) is wasting no time drumming up support for her presidential campaign.

“These are dangerous times for our country,” she warned during a visit to Council Bluffs on Friday. “Iowa is going to play a big part in determining where we go next.”

“We’re excited,” said Scott Punteney, the Democratic Party chairman for Council Bluffs. “This is the first big candidate we’ve had in 2019.”

Warren’s visit, which makes her the first big name candidate to visit Iowa ahead of the 2020 elections, follows criticism over the release of a DNA test she insists proves her Native American ancestry.

Warren, who long claimed minority status based on her Native American ancestry, took the test after repeated nagging from President Trump.

The test suggests Warren is – at most – 1/64th Native American.

The Details

Iowa is of particular interest to politicians because it will be the first state to vote on presidential candidates in 2020. Warren’s visit will boost her name recognition, which is always a key factor in early polling.

Other prominent Democrats planning to visit Iowa soon include:

— Juli├ín Castro (former Housing and Urban Development Secretary)

— Tom Steyer (billionaire hedge fund manager and liberal activist)

— Kamala Harris (California Senator)

As of now, there have been no endorsements from lawmakers or state governors for candidates running in 2020. By this point in 2016, Hillary Clinton had secured endorsements from 60 Congressmen and 2 state governors.

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