Standing Up Against Oppression

Grind for February 5th, 2019
“A loving heart is the truest wisdom.” – Charles Dickens

Oh No You Don’t

The Headline

The US nuclear deal with Russia is over.

The Grind

On Friday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed the Trump Administration had decided to suspend the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. The INF is a Cold-war era pact with Russia that bans ground-launched missiles with a range between 310 and 3,400 miles.

The Details

In October, President Trump threatened to withdraw from the agreement based on Russia’s ongoing lack of compliance with its terms.

In December, Pompeo gave Moscow two months to demonstrate compliance before the United States would suspend its commitment to the treaty. The United States will fully withdraw from the pact in 180 days unless Russia demonstrates full compliance.

Trump’s decision was supported unanimously by our European allies, who are at particular risk from the type of missiles the INF is designed to prevent.

Meanwhile, Russia continues to insist that it never violated the treaty.

Standing Up

The Headline

Demonstrations pop up throughout Venezuela over the weekend.

The Grind

On Saturday, protesters took to the streets under the leadership of Interim President Juan Guaido.

Dozens of mass demonstrations across the country urged the ousting of Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro, not to be out done, staged a rally of his own (just one) in downtown Caracas.

The Details

Despite the size of Maduro’s rally, it paled in comparison to the deminstrations of those who wanted him gone. In fact, he was out-protested ten to one.

The vast majority of those voicing their support for Maduro were government workers required to attend for fear of losing their jobs.

With the exception of a few isolated incidents at smaller protests in the barrios that went on throughout the evening, things were relatively calm and the administration held back on military repression.

Did you know… Nearly 50% of the world’s scientists are assigned to military projects.