A Day Of Deadly Deeds

Grind for February 26th, 2019

“The eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his loneliness.”

– Norman Cousins

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The Headline

India: Bad batch of bootleg booze kills 250+ people

The Grind

More than 150 people died in India’s Assam state last week after consuming illicit liquor (AKA “hooch”). Another 200 are hospitalized, with some in critical condition.

A similar incident occurred earlier this month, killing 100 people in Uttar Pradesh.

The Details

Illegally brewed or distilled liquor is widely available in India. You can buy it by the glass, by the bottle, or in single-serving cups.

Hooch can taste like anything from beer to vodka. But it’s always strong and it’s always cheaper than the name-brand stuff.

On Saturday, police confirmed the tainted booze was laced with methyl alcohol – a flammable liquid that can be used as fuel or industrial solvent.

When consumed, methyl alcohol attacks the central nervous system. Symptoms include stomach pain, vomiting, sudden blindness, and heart failure.

“I had bought half a liter of wine and drank it before eating,” said a local tea plantation worker (now hospitalized). “Initially, everything was normal, but after some time my head started hurting. The headache grew so much that I could not eat or sleep.”

Local reports suggest at least 12 people have been arrested.


The Headline

Boeing freighter jet crashes into Texas swamp; no survivors

The Grind

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported a crash Saturday afternoon after losing contact with a Boeing 767 jetliner carrying cargo for Amazon.

Atlas Air Flight 3591 was on its way from Miami to Houston when it crashed nose first into a shallow marsh near Anahuac, Texas. The plane was just 30 miles from its destination when it crashed.

The Details

The exact cause of the crash remains unclear, but investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board believe the plane experienced a problem during its descent, which resulted in a “very, very rapid dive” starting at 6,300 feet.

Three people were on board.

The crash left a wide debris field of cardboard, fiberglass, bed sheets, women’s clothing, and other items. Investigators are still looking for the jet’s flight recorder.

“It looks like total devastation,” said local sheriff Brian Hawthorne. “Knowing what I saw I don’t believe anybody could survive.”

Authorities on Sunday recovered one body. The other two passengers are believed to have died.

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