Politicians And Their Crazy Plans

Grind for March 21st, 2019
“You have to be odd to be number one.”

– Dr. Seuss

Don’t Do It

The Headline

Newark, NJ is about to make a big mistake

The Grind

Roughly one third of Newark’s 280,000 residents live in poverty, and Mayor Ras Baraka wants to solve that problem by giving everyone free money.

During his state of the city address last week, Baraka said:

“We believe in Universal Basic Income, especially in a time where studies have shown that families that have a crisis of just $400 a month may experience a setback that may be difficult, even impossible to recover from.”

Baraka announced the creation of a task force to study universal basic income and determine whether a pilot program in the city is possible, but he did not say how the program would be funded or when it would start.

Chicago is considering a similar program.

The Details

Baraka also welcomed Freedom Paper – a company owned and employed by former prisoners – and warned businesses to spend and hire locally.

“If you have not hired Newark employees then you are missing the boat,” he said. “If you are not spending money with local businesses then your use in our town in waning.”

Baraka’s ideas are in line with ridiculous proposals introduced by New Jersey Senator and former Newark Mayor Cory Booker (D), who wants to give every child born in the United States a bank account with $1,000.

The Takeaway

Universal basic income is a socialist program designed to eliminate poverty by providing income to all residents regardless of employment status.

The immature concept has failed in experiments throughout the world, but people get so excited about the prospect of “free money” that they ignore the facts.

Immediate problems I see with the idea include:

— The program, by definition, is not sustainable.

— The program will discourage people from working.

— Recipients could decide to spend their money in ways that do not benefit themselves or the economy.

Despite the facts, universal basic income is an idea that has been championed by Millennials and by Progressive Democrats such as Andrew Yang, a presidential hopeful who last week said he would personally provide income for poor families in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The money would help people improve their health, pay their debts, and reduce stress, he said.

To Infinity And Beyond

The Headline

Japan’s explosive plan to mine an asteroid

The Grind

Next month, Japanese space agency JAXA will send a bomb into space to blow up an asteroid.

The explosive will be carried by the robotic spacecraft “Hayabusa2,” which completed a successful trip to the asteroid last month.

During its first trip, Hayabusa2 fired a bullet into the asteroid’s surface and collected a few rocks. This time, it will drop a 44lb. bomb expected to carve out a 32-foot-wide crater.

After the blast, Hayabusa2 will hop to the other side of the asteroid to avoid projectiles. It will then collect fragments and – if possible – examine the crater to learn more about the history of the asteroid.

The Implication

The asteroid, named “Ryugu” is located about 180 million miles from Earth.

The goal of the mission is to learn more about the origin of the Solar System by examining materials from beneath the asteroid’s surface.

The whole process will be “very challenging,” admits JAXA engineer Takano Saeki.

Hayabusa2 will leave the asteroid by the end of the year and return to Earth in late 2020.

If Japan’s mission succeeds, it will be the first time mankind has collected samples from beneath the surface of an asteroid. NASA successfully broke apart a comet in 2005 but did not gather any materials from it.

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