A Broken System

Grind for March 23rd, 2019
“I’m comfortable in my own skin, no matter how far it’s stretched.”

– Dolly Parton


The Headline

Howard Schultz is getting a lot of attention

The Grind

Potential presidential candidate Howard Schultz had his first “town hall” event last month with CNN and has a second one scheduled with Fox News in April – and he hasn’t even decided whether he’s running.

Democrats are furious with all the attention he’s getting because Schultz is planning to run as an Independent. This is great news for conservatives, because it means his campaign will siphon votes away from the Democratic nominee and potentially help Trump get re-elected.

Schultz insists that won’t happen because his campaign will attract support from all parties.

The Details

Speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Schultz said electing a Democrat instead of Trump would change nothing “because our politics and our government is broken.”

The outcome of a presidential election is currently determined by “eight to ten battleground states,” argues Schultz, when it should be determined by all Americans. “What if…an Independent person could capture the imagination of the 42% of people who affiliate themselves as an Independent?”

When asked why he won’t run on the Democratic ticket, Schultz says he no longer identifies as a Democrat and does not believe in the ideas the party stands for.

“I think the country needs transformation,” says Schultz. “The government needs to be disrupted. It’s not working…Show me one thing in which you can say – firmly – the government is really working.”

Schultz disagrees with socialist policies like free tuition, free healthcare, and guaranteed employment and is very concerned about the national debt. In terms of healthcare, he wants to amend the Affordable Care Act rather than replace it and he wants to see corporations do more for their employees. He wants “comprehensive tax reform” and opposes the GOP tax overhaul.

“I think this is a time in America for a complete re-imagination,” says Schultz. “What I’m going to try to do is go out to the American people and ignite a powerful movement… I’m hearing from thousands of American people – thousands! – saying, ‘Finally, someone’s voice that I can relate to that represents the fact that I no longer feel as if I am a Republican or a Democrat.'”

No Improvement

The Headline

This weekend, France will use soldiers to combat Yellow Vests

The Grind

As announced Wednesday, the French government will deploy military forces this Saturday to help local police maintain security during the Yellow Vest protests.

The decision follows a violent riot last weekend, when hundreds of protestors set fires, destroyed cars, and looted over 100 businesses in Paris.

The government immediately fired the city’s police chief and announced a ban on protests along the Champs-Elysees Avenue.

The Details

The Yellow Vest protests, which began last November, have grown increasingly violent as citizens continue to demand economic justice from a leader they criticize as “out of touch.”

This weekend, soldiers will protect government buildings while local police focus on “crowd control” and “maintaining law and order,” said government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux.

Troops will be borrowed from the “Sentinelle” anti-terror program, which was put into place in 2015 to protect airports, train stations, and other vulnerable locations.

The Takeaway

The Yellow Vest protests are a major problem, but deploying troops to control your own people is a very bad sign. In the United States, soldiers cannot be deployed within a state without permission from that state’s governor. Military occupation is never a good thing.

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