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Grind for March 28th, 2019
“I look just like the girls next door…if you happen to live next door to an amusement park.”

– Dolly Parton


The Headline

With Russia investigation complete, it’s the GOP’s turn to investigate

The Grind

With the Russia investigation officially closed (and no collusion found), Republicans are rightly calling for a closer look at how the whole thing got started.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Monday confirmed he would be investigating alleged FISA abuses by federal authorities at the beginning of the Russia probe. He also called on Attorney General Bill Barr to appoint a special counsel to examine the “other side of the story” including the FBI and DOJ’s anti-Trump bias during the Hillary Clinton email probe and the Russia investigation.

The Details

First and foremost, Graham wants to know whether the email probe was cancelled in hopes Hillary would win the election and whether the Russia collusion investigation was launched as insurance in case Trump won.

“I’d like to find somebody – like a Mr. Mueller – that can look into what happened with the FISA warrants, the counterintelligence investigation,” said Graham during a press conference on Monday. “Mueller thoroughly investigated the Trump campaign. You cannot say that about the other side of the story.”

Graham’s investigation will focus on Christopher Steele’s anti-Trump dossier to determine final answers to questions like:

— How much did the Dems pay Fusion GPS to commission the dossier?

— Who is responsible for commissioning the dossier?

— Are any of the claims in the dossier true?

— Were FBI agents cooperating with the Clinton campaign, DNC, or White House in sabotaging Trump’s election?

“I’m going to get answers to this,” promised Graham. “If no one else cares, it seems that Republicans do. Because if the shoe were on the other foot, it would be front-page news all over the world. The double standard here has been striking and, quite frankly, disappointing.”

But Wait, There’s More

Republicans are also hoping to learn more about the origins of the Russia investigation from the results of two internal probes being conducted by Inspector General Michael Horowitz and Utah Attorney John Huber.

Horowitz began his investigation last March after finding evidence of anti-Trump bias within the FBI. He also discovered that the agency regularly leaks information to the press in exchange for gifts like sports tickets.

Huber’s investigation began one year ago on orders from former AG Jeff Sessions, who asked Huber to investigate surveillance abuses by the DOJ and FBI as well as federal authorities’ handling of the Clinton email probe.

Both investigations hope to determine whether the FBI broke the law when it obtained a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page based on information contained in an unverified document commissioned by Democrats.


The Headline

Cruise ship reaches port in Norway after disaster at sea

The Grind

The luxury cruise ship Viking Sky sent out a distress signal Saturday after the ship’s engines failed during a storm in the Norwegian Sea.

The storm, with wind gusts of up to 79 feet per second, hit the ship in an area known for its shallow waters and dangerous reefs.

Video footage taken during the storm shows the ship’s floor tilting dramatically back and forth as passengers struggle to avoid moving furniture and falling ceiling panels.

The majority of the ship’s 1,000+ passengers were senior citizens.

“It was very nearly a disaster. The ship drifted to within 100 meters of running aground before they were able to restart one of the engines,” said Hans Vik, who leads southern Norway’s Joint Rescue Coordination Center.

The Details

Members of the rescue team saved 479 passengers, lifting them one-by-one on wires into helicopters hovering above the ship. The remainder of the passengers stayed on the ship until it arrived in the port of Molde on Sunday.

“It was frightening at first,” wrote passenger Alexus Sheppard. “And when the general alarm sounded it became VERY real.”

Company chairman Torstein Hagen said the weekend’s events were “some of the worst I have been involved in, but now it looks like it’s going well in the end and that we’ve been lucky.”

Viking Cruises reported 20 injuries but no deaths.

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