We Live In Dark Times

Grind for May 4th, 2019
“When sorrows come, they come not single spies but in battalions.” – William Shakespeare

Not Fair

The Headline

Global persecution of Christians reaches new high

The Grind

In its latest report on the state of religious freedom, Aid to the Church in Need claims Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world.

More than 320 million Christians live in places where there is religious persecution; another 178 million suffer discrimination. In 2018, well over 4,000 Christians were killed by Muslims simply for practicing their faith.

As noted in the report, the West has largely failed to take action against these crimes.

“Media coverage about militant Islam has focused almost exclusively on the fight against ISIS…largely ignoring the relentless spread of militant Islamist movements in parts of Africa, elsewhere in the Middle East, and Asia.”

The Details

As sited in a 2019 report by Open Doors USA, Christian persecution is responsible for 11 deaths each day.

Recent attacks on Christians include:

— 200+ people killed by terrorists in Nigeria (February-present)

— 6 people murdered in a Christian village in the Congo (March)

— 17 people killed in Nigeria during a baby dedication (April)

— 250+ people killed in Sri Lanka Easter morning during an attack on churches and hotels (April)

— 6 people killed in Burkina Faso during an attack on a church (April)

In the Middle East, Christianity is on the verge of extinction.

Since 1990, the percentage of Christians living in the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region dropped from 10% to about 3%. And while ISIS was declared defeated in March, its anti-Christian campaign is likely to have permanent effects.

“The future for Christians right now is terrible – a Middle East without Christians,” says Archbishop Vicken Aykazian. “We are going to have churches without Christians as museums for tourists.”

Thanks to jihads and Iran-affiliated groups, there are now less than 100,000 Christians living in Iraq. The situation is similar in the Syrian capital of Aleppo, where there has been a drop of more than 90% in the Christian population.

Christians who were driven out of the Middle East by ISIS are unlikely to return, adds Aykazian, but President Trump has the power to make a huge difference. “Please help the Christians,” he begged Trump. “They need your help and once you move one of your fingers the entire Arabic world will thank you.”

Another One Bites The Dust

The Headline

Rod Rosenstein submits resignation letter

The Grind

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will soon be following in the footsteps of Jeff Sessions.

As outlined in a letter he submitted on Monday, Rosenstein’s resignation will begin May 11th. He is expected to be replaced by Jeffrey Rosen, who was nominated by President Trump to serve as second-in-command to AG William Barr.

The Details

Rosenstein will forever be remembered for his decision to appoint Robert Mueller to investigate Russian election interference.

Rosenstein served as the public face of the investigation, and in so doing suffered repeated personal attacks from Trump.

Though a Republican, Rosenstein has been criticized by the GOP for approving the warrant on Carter Page.

In his resignation letter, Rosenstein congratulated the DOJ for making “rapid progress” on Administration priorities including “reducing violent crime, curtailing opioid abuse, protecting consumers, improving immigration enforcement, and building confidence in the police.”

The efforts of the department’s 115,000 employees led to a safer nation with increased election integrity and enhanced consumer protections, he wrote.

Rosenstein took special care to note the agency’s commitment to remaining unbiased. “We enforce the law without fear or favor because credible evidence is not partisan, and truth is not determined by opinion polls. We ignore fleeting distractions and focus our attention on the things that matter, because a republic that endures is not governed by the news cycle.”

Did you know… In the 1930’s, American track star Jesse Owens used to race against horses and dogs to earn a living.