We Are All Feeling The Pressure

Grind for May 6th, 2019
“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”

– Maya Angelou

Stress Test

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Annual survey suggests people are more stressed out than ever

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A global survey conducted by Gallup suggests people living now are more stressed, worried, and angry than ever before.

To gain insight into people’s emotions, researchers asked participants to describe events that occurred the day before the survey.

Questions included:

— Did you smile or laugh a lot?

— Were you treated with respect?

While 71% of respondents said they experienced considerable enjoyment the day before the survey, 40% said they felt worried and 35% said they were stressed.

The Details

The survey ranked more than 140 countries in terms of positive and negative experiences.

Coming in first place for negative experiences was Chad, a landlocked African nation that struggles with drought, poverty, political turmoil, and widespread child abuse. More than 70% of respondents in Chad said they had recently struggled to afford food; more than 60% reported physical pain.

Coming in first place for positive experiences was Paraguay, a steamy South American nation of about 6.8 million people. Fourth place was Panama, followed by Guatemala, Mexico, and El Salvador.

The United States came in 39th.

In terms of stress levels, Greece came in first place with 59% of its adult population reporting feelings of stress. This is slightly higher than the US, where 55% of adults reported feeling stressed.

Breaking News

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Chinese families implicated in college admissions scandal

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The college admissions scandal reported last month was not limited to Americans. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Chinese families paid millions of dollars to get their children into elite universities like Yale.

The illegal program was orchestrated by William “Rick” Singer, who used deception, fraud, and bribery to guarantee admission. The money was laundered through Singer’s fake charity, Key Worldwide Foundation, which netted $7 million in 2016.

The Details

Wealthy American parents like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman paid between $250,000 and $400,000 for Singer’s services.

Chinese parents paid a lot more, with one family handing over $1.2 million to secure their daughter’s admission to Yale.

Another Chinese family paid $6.5 million.

Chinese families often bring their children to the US for high school in anticipation of their acceptance into universities. And while foreign agents are often scrutinized for foul play, US-based independent counselors like Singer are not.

At least 33 parents, coaches, and administrators in the US now face criminal charges over their participation in the scheme – including a former soccer coach at Yale who accepted $400,000 and a former tennis coach at Georgetown who accepted $825,000.

Singer pleaded guilty to all charges on March 12th.

Did you know… The CIA once spent $20 million on a cat equipped with gear to spy on the Soviets, but it was hit by a taxi.