More Bad News For Boeing

Grind for May 8th, 2019
“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

– Robin Williams

Not Again

The Headline

Boeing 737 slips off runway in Jacksonville, FL

The Grind

Boeing suffered yet another setback this week when a 737 jet arriving in Jacksonville, FL slipped off the runway and landed in the St. Johns River.

All 143 passengers and crew survived, but 21 were sent to a local hospital for minor injuries.

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry said he received a call from the White House that night offering help.

The Details

The Boeing jet took off from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba on Friday afternoon and arrived at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville around 9:40pm.

The jet slipped into “shallow water” and was “not submerged,” reported local police. Marines and emergency personnel were called in to help passengers disembark and to contain any fuel leaks.

“The cause of the mishap has yet to be determined,” said Captain Michael Conner, the commanding officer at the Naval Air Station. “I think it’s a miracle,” he added. “We could be talking about a different story.”

Boeing and the National Transportation Safety Board are conducting investigations to determine the cause of the accident.

Sweet Dreams

The Headline

FDA issues safety alert about sleeping pills

The Grind

The FDA is cracking down on Ambien and other sleeping pill manufacturers following an increase in dangerous side effects that can lead to severe injury and death.

Patients under the influence of sleeping drugs have been known to walk outside or drive vehicles while not fully awake.

Reported incidents include:

— Burns

— Falls

— Drowning

— Frostbite and hypothermia

— Suicide

— Carbon monoxide poisoning

— Car crashes

Clinical studies suggest sleeping pills can also cause agitation and hallucinations, especially when combined with alcohol.

The Details

Starting immediately, the FDA will require prominent warning labels on medication guidelines for Lunesta, Sonata, Ambien, and Zolpidem.

“Patients, stop taking your insomnia medicine and contact your health care professional right away if you experience a complex sleep behavior where you engage in activities while you are not fully awake,” reads the safety alert. “Or if you do not remember activities you have done while taking the medicine.”

The FDA also warned doctors not to prescribe sleeping pills to patients with a history of sleepwalking.

“I am surprised to see this warning come out now,” said University of Pennsylvania physician Ilene Rosen. “This is something I’ve been telling my patients for the last 15 years, and in the sleep community this is well known.”

The FDA first issued a public warning about the dangerous effects of sleeping pills more than 12 years ago.

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