Dark Times For China And Venezuela

Grind for May 11th, 2019
“When we are born we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools.”

– William Shakespeare


The Headline

US compares China’s imprisonment of Muslims to Nazi Germany

The Grind

In 2018, the UN accused China of detaining up to 1 million Muslims in ‘concentration camps’ as part of a broader effort to eliminate Islam within its borders.

China denied the accusation and then passed a law to legalize it, claiming the camps were necessary in order to defeat terrorism, separatism, and extremism.

Now, reports from the Pentagon suggest China has detained up to 3 million Muslims and other religious minorities.

“The Communist Party is using the security forces for mass imprisonment of Chinese Muslims in concentration camps,” said Pentagon official Randall Schriver.

“Given what we understand to be the magnitude of the detention, at least 1 million but likely closer to 3 million citizens out of a population of about 10 million, so a very significant portion of the population.”

The Details

In a March report, the US State Department compared the situation in China to Nazi Germany.

“International media, human rights organizations, and former detainees reported security officials in the camps abused, tortured, and killed some detainees.”

According to testimonies, the brutal conditions in the camps drove some inmates to suicide.

The Takeaway

Put simply, the US Defense Department has accused China of detaining up to 30% of its population.

This is insane!

And yet nothing is being done because the nations with the power to help are already overrun by refugees from other countries. In the meantime, millions of people are being kidnapped and persecuted.


The Headline

Extrajudicial killings in Venezuela increase amid political turmoil

The Grind

In Venezuela, it is not uncommon for government thugs to appear out of nowhere and arrest or execute innocent civilians.

Between 2015 and 2017, more than 8,200 journalists, political opponents, protestors, and innocent civilians were killed by government forces.

Thousands more were injured or thrown in jail.

Bravely investigating these crimes is a group of more than 100 women whose sons and husbands were executed without cause. The group was founded by Aracelis Sanchez, whose 20-year-old son was shot and killed by police troops at their home in 2013.

The Details

According to a UN investigation launched earlier this year, the Venezuelan government is now using its Special Action Force (FAES) to murder opposition supporters.

So far, the group has been linked to more than 200 extrajudicial killings.

FAES claims the deaths resulted from ‘armed confrontations’ with civilians, even though most of the victims were unarmed.

“I think that this is terrorism, that [the government] inflicts on the people of the barrios so that the people do not come out and protest,” argues Carmen Elena Arroyo, whose 25-year-old son was killed by FAES in 2018.

The extrajudicial killings in Venezuela are conducted by a biased and corrupt government with no concept of separation of powers, under the eye of a dictator who offers bags of food in exchange for votes.

Desperately fighting to change the situation is Juan Guaido, the opposition leader who declared himself President in January. Guaido has widespread support from the US and others, but efforts to oust rival President Nicolas Maduro have been derailed by Russia.

Last week, Guaido urged government officials to desert in the name of the Venezuelan people – who are suffering from lack of food, medicine, and basic supplies.

More than 3 million people have fled the country since 2014.

“We would like to no longer see kids dying in our country. We would like to no longer see politically motivated murders, or [those] caused by crime and violence,” Guaido told ABC News. “We would like to see hospitals full of medicine…We would like to recover the oil industry that was ransacked and is sadly lost because of corruption.”

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