Digging Yourself Into A Hole

Grind for May 15th, 2019
“Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.”

– Bob Dylan

Making Waves

The Headline

HUD proposal seeks to bock illegals from receiving federal housing aid

The Grind

Federal housing aid is designed to help poor American families find a place to live. It is not designed to help illegal immigrants stay in the country.

A new proposal this week would block “mixed families” from obtaining federal housing aid.

“Mixed families” are comprised of legal and non-legal residents. In many cases, the children are US citizens but the parents are not.

The Details

According to an analysis by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the policy would impact 108,000 people. Of that number, 70% are legal residents and 75% are minors.

Critics’ perspective: this is a cruel proposal that would separate families and increase homelessness.

Supporters’ perspective: this is a rational proposal that would provide more homes to legal residents and convince illegals to leave the country.

“Our nation faces affordable housing challenges and hundreds of thousands of citizens are waiting for many years…to get housing assistance,” said HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

Ideas the agency has put forward to mitigate the effects on families and reduce eviction costs include: applying the rule only when the leaseholder is an illegal alien and grandfathering in mixed families currently receiving federal aid (both ideas would incentivize illegal families to remain in the country).

The HUD is accepting public feedback on the proposal until July 9th.

Never Been Done

The Headline

Japan wants to dig the deepest hole ever

The Grind

The deepest manmade hole on Earth is located in Russia, in the Arctic Circle. The 7.5-mile hole was created during the Cold War as Russia competed with the US, Germany, and others to bore through the Earth’s Crust.

Russia abandoned the project when it reached temperatures of more than 350° Fahrenheit.

Locals swear the hole extends all the way to Hell.

The Germans were able to drill nearly as deep as the Russians, but were forced to stop when they reached much hotter temperatures.

The Details

The holes dug by Russia and Germany reach about one-third of the way through the thinnest of Earth’s layers, the Crust.

Now, Japan wants to dig all the way through the Crust into the Mantle.

“The ultimate goal of the project is to get actual living samples of the Mantle as it exists right now,” says program manager Sean Toczko. “In places like Oman you can find Mantle close to the surface, but that’s Mantle as it was millions of years ago.”

The Mantle itself is believed to be about 1,800 miles thick.

To get a head start, Japan intends to start drilling underwater where the Crust is less than four miles thick. In most places, the Crust is about 25 miles thick.

“The main sticking point is that there are three main candidate sites,” explains Damon Teagle, a geochemistry professor involved in the project. “One of those is off Costa Rica, one off Baha, and one off Hawaii.”

Each site would require significant infrastructure.

“In the end, it really is a cost issue,” adds Uli Harms, a scientist who worked on Germany’s project during the Cold War. “These expeditions are extremely expensive – and therefore they are difficult to repeat. They can cost hundreds of millions of euros – and only a small percentage will actually be for the Earth Sciences, the rest will be for technological development, and of course, operations. “

Did you know… The population of the Earth has more than doubled since 1950.