A Big Surprise

Grind for May 21st, 2019
“I have an attention span that’s as long as it has to be.”

– Donald Trump

Say What?!

The Headline

Exit polls predict Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s right-wing government will remain in power.

The Grind

Polls closed in India Sunday following a massive general election to choose 542 representatives for the 545-member Lok Sabha (parliament).

The election began April 11th and was conducted in 7 stages. The ordeal involved an estimated 900 million voters and cost in excess of $7 billion.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s right-wing National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is expected to remain in power, but the left/center-left United Progressive Alliance (UPA) is expected to more than double its representation in parliament.

Exit polls predict the NDA will take home between 287 and 306 seats and the UPA will win between 128 and 132 seats. Legislators’ votes will be counted later this week.

The Background

Prime Minister Modi’s opponents criticized him for his attacks on Islam in the name of promoting Hinduism and accused him of neglecting the economy in pursuit of divisive politics.

He is also disliked for the surprise banknote demonetization in 2016, a decision that forced Indians to stand in long lines to exchange demonetized rupees for valid money. Several people were killed in the rush.

It’s About Time

The Headline

Boeing admits design flaw after deadly plane crashes

The Grind

Boeing on Saturday finally acknowledged a flaw in the software it uses to train pilots for 737 MAX planes.

“Boeing has made corrections to the 737 MAX simulator software and has provided additional information to device operators to ensure that the simulator experience is representative across different flight conditions,” said the company in a statement.

The Details

According to Boeing, the training software was unable to simulate the flight conditions present during the Lion Air crash in October and the Ethiopian Airlines crash in March.

Boeing did not say when it became aware of the flaw.

The software update targets the “manual trim wheel,” a manual flight handling system that in rare cases is necessary to alter the plane’s angle.

The trim wheel is believed to have played a role in both accidents.

“Boeing is working closely with the device manufacturers and regulators on these changes and improvements, and to ensure that customer training is not disrupted,” said the company.

Southwest Airlines, which grounded its 737 MAX planes in March, said it expects to receive an updated simulator from Boeing “late this year.”

American Airlines hopes to put its 737 MAX planes back in the sky in December, while US Airlines is pushing for August.

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