LA travel ban to Alabama

Grind for May 29th, 2019
“I don’t really like being with people my own age for long periods, because all we talk about is our decrepitude, how the world is changing for the worse even though it isn’t.”

– Ian Mckellen

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The Headline

In response to abortion ban, LA will restrict travel to Alabama

The Grind

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a travel ban that restricts official LA County business to the state of Alabama for one year.

The unprecedented travel ban is a response to the anti-abortion bill signed into law this month by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R).

The law bans all abortions excepting cases where pregnancy threatens the life of the mother; it does not include exceptions for rape or incest.

The Details

Officials in LA view the Alabama law as an attack on reproductive rights that will endanger women and families.

“Everyone knows that banning abortion won’t stop women from accessing abortion services even when it puts them in unsafe medical situations,” argues LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl. “In Alabama, women who have the money will be able to safely access abortion, but women who are poor will not.”

In addition to the travel ban, the four board members present at Tuesday’s meeting (all women) decided to send letters to the governors of the following states demanding they repeal any laws that restrict access to abortion: Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Utah.

“This challenge by Alabama and other states would overturn decades of precedent,” says Hilda L. Solis, head of the LA Board and former Cabinet member under President Obama.

“We must stand in solidarity and in opposition against extremist and unconstitutional laws that put the health and well-being of families at risk…the constitutional and human right to a safe and legal abortion is part of the very fabric of the United States. As such, LA County will stand against all attempts to dismantle the protections afforded by Roe v. Wade and the US Constitution.”

The Takeaway

LA’s travel ban is an immature response from a state that is so leftwing it wants to secede from the rest of the country. LA has no right to push its moral views on Alabama or any other state.

All the travel ban will accomplish is economic damage for both parties and embarrassment for the LA Board.


The Headline

Scientists discover massive underwater volcano near Madagascar

The Grind

Geologists investigating a strange seismic event off the coast of Africa this month discovered a giant underwater volcano.

The colossal volcano is 3.1 miles in width and nearly half a mile in height.

“We’ve never seen anything like this,” says Nathalie Feuillet, a geophysicist who led an expedition to the volcano.

The volcano’s closest neighbor is Mayotte, a French island that was formed by volcanic eruptions. Since the middle of last year, Mayotte has experienced nearly 2,000 small earthquakes, sunk 5 inches, and shifted 2.5 inches to the east.

Geologists have linked these phenomena to an unexplained seismic “hum” that reverberated throughout the world in November 2018. Geologists suspect the “hum” was the birth of the volcano, which appears to have come into being in just six months.

The Details

The newborn volcano is located in the Indian Ocean inside an ancient underwater rift that formed when Madagascar broke free from the eastern edge of Africa.

Researchers located the volcano using multi-beam sonar and placed seismometers on the ocean floor to track seismic activity. The instruments revealed a mile-thick layer of magma on the ocean floor, bubbles streaming from the volcano’s mouth, and a tight cluster of earthquakes deep inside the Earth’s crust.

Geologists are studying rock samples from the volcano to learn more about its magma source and to make predictions about future eruptions.

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