Trump Visits The UK

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“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.”

– Truman Capote


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Young activists are suing the US government over its failure to address climate change

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In an unprecedented lawsuit, teen environmentalists accuse the US government of violating their “constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property” by maintaining energy policies harmful to the environment.

The plaintiffs view these policies as “unconstitutional” and seek to implement a plan to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions by 2100.

In a letter to the 9th Circuit Court, nearly 80 scientists and physicians supported the plaintiffs’ argument that young Americans are expected to have poorer health as they age due to the effects of climate change.

The Details

The lawsuit began in Oregon in 2015 and has endured despite multiple attempts to dismiss it by the Obama and Trump Administrations. The activists have used social media to attract thousands of supporters.

Last summer, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously against the Trump Administration’s efforts to dismiss the case.

“It’s really just disappointing to see the lengths that they go to – to not only not let us get the remedy that we’re seeking, but not even let us have the chance to prove our facts or present our case at trial,” says Nathan Baring, a 19-year-old plaintiff from Alaska.

On Tuesday, the 9th Circuit will hear arguments from Trump Administration lawyers who want to dismiss the case.

“No federal court has ever permitted an action that seeks to review decades of agency policy by a dozen federal agencies and executive offices – all in pursuit of a policy goal,” said the lawyers.

Tuesday’s hearing will decide whether the young plaintiffs can finally take the case to trial; and if they do, whether federal agencies will be subject to an injunction blocking the production of new fossil fuel extractions until the case is closed.

International Politics

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Trump family visits the Royal Family

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The United States and the United Kingdom have “the greatest alliance the world has ever known,” said President Trump during his three-day visit.

Trump met with outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May and described her as a “better negotiator than I am.”

May agreed with Trump on the importance of keeping nuclear weapons away from Iran, but disagreed with his decision to keep Chinese company Huawei out of the 5G rollout.

Trump also met with politician Nigel Farange, whose “Brexit Party” claimed 31% of the vote during the EU elections last month despite having been founded less than a year ago.

Trump turned down a meeting with Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn after he addressed anti-Trump protestors in Westminster.

The Details

Despite the UK’s repeated failure to enact Brexit, Trump said the departure “will happen and it probably should happen” because the UK is “a great, great country and it wants its own identity.”

In speaking about a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK, Trump said “everything is on the table” including the NHS.

The NHS a taxpayer-funded health service that provides free healthcare to all permanent residents of the UK. The idea of sharing the system with US medical companies is highly controversial in Britain.

Among key concerns is the potential increase in the price of American-made drugs. Currently, the NHS pays far less for medications made in the USA than do Americans purchasers.

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