Kamala Harris Offers Free Money and Italy Rejects Rescue Ships

Grind for July 9th, 2019
“If you want your children to listen, try talking softly to someone else.”
– Ann Landers


The Headline

Kamala Harris offers free money to black families

The Grind

Speaking Saturday at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, presidential hopeful Kamala Harris promised to invest $100 billion in housing assistance for black families as part of an effort to increase minority homeownership and close the racial wealth gap.

“A typical black family has just $10 of wealth for every $100 held by a white family,” said Harris. “So we must right that wrong and, after generations of discrimination, give black families a real shot at homeownership – historically one of the most powerful drivers of wealth in our country.”

The Details

The immature plan offers up to 20% of the loan value for individuals who earn less than $50,000 per year, have lived in a red-lined neighborhood for at least 10 years, and are purchasing a home for less than $300,000.

According to Harris, the plan would help 4 million families and shrink the wealth gap between blacks and whites by 31%.

The Takeaway

As a black candidate, Harris’s campaign is focused entirely on the race card.

Last month, during the debate in Miami, Harris attacked frontrunner Joe Biden over his opposition to using federally mandated busing to racially integrate schools in the 1970s.

A week later, polls showed Biden down 5 points and Harris up 6 points.

Now, Harris is offering black families money just because they are black. If that isn’t the definition of racist, I don’t know what is. Harris claims she is fighting discrimination in the United States but is offering money only to blacks. Just imagine what would happen if a Republican candidate offered housing assistance exclusively to white families.

Home Sweet Home

The Headline

After Italy’s rejection, EU officials promise to accommodate 65 migrants from German rescue ship

The Grind

The German rescue ship Alan Kurdi arrived in Malta Sunday after it was blocked from accessing an Italian port in Lampedusa. When the passengers disembarked, at least three had collapsed.

“All of them are very exhausted, some of them are in bad condition,” said Marcel Ditt, a member of the German charity Sea-Eye. “Some have been in detention centers in Libya for five years.”

Later on Sunday, EU officials promised to take all 65 refugees as well as 50 migrants from a second ship that arrived in Malta later on Sunday. Germany agreed to take 40 people.

The Background

Italy’s hostility comes amid the increasing frequency of rescue ships carrying refugees from war-torn Libya. Since 2015, roughly 500,000 refugees have crossed the Mediterranean Sea to land in Italy.

In June, the Italian government passed new laws creating fines of up to $56,000 for ships that sail into Italian ports without authorization.

The rescue ship Alex was fined $18,000 after it illegally docked at Lampedusa on Saturday. The boat was carrying more than three times its legal capacity for passengers.

Last month, Captain Carola Rackete of the rescue ship Sea-Watch 3 was arrested after she rammed her boat through a naval barricade to reach Lampedusa port. Her passengers had been stranded for more than two weeks during a heat wave.

Italy’s hardline stance on immigration has invoked criticism from the EU, the UK, France, and Germany.

“No vessel or shipmaster should be at risk of being fined for coming to the aid of boats in distress,” said UK government spokesperson Stephane Dujarric. “Sea rescue is a longstanding humanitarian imperative. It’s also an obligation under international law.”

“We refuse to allow sea rescue to be criminalized,” added German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass. “Haggling over refugee distribution is undignified and must stop. We urgently need a European solution – one that is also in line with our European values.”

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