Liberals Demanding Action

Grind for July 17th
“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”
– Dorothy Parker

Not So Fast

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Protestors disrupt conference; ask Amazon to cut ties with ICE

The Grind

A group of tech workers and immigration activists interrupted a key Amazon conference in New York City this week to demand the tech giant break ties with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“I’m more than willing to have a conversation, but maybe they should let me finish first,” said Amazon CTO Werner Vogels.

Protestors urged Amazon to stop selling its facial recognition software to ICE and to stop working with Palantir – a military technology company that develops AI systems for government agencies.

The Details

Protestors insist that facial recognition tools like Amazon’s “Rekognition” only make it easier for ICE to target vulnerable individuals.

“Amazon Rekognition is primed for abuse in the hands of governments,” wrote the ACLU. “This product poses a grave threat to communities, including people of color and immigrants, and to the trust and respect Amazon has worked to build…Amazon must act swiftly to stand up for civil rights and civil liberties, including those of its own customers, and take Rekognition off the table for governments.”

According to DHS officials, nationwide raids to arrest undocumented immigrants will begin this Sunday.

The raid will target 2,000 people that have been ordered deported, but agents will have free rein to detain any undocumented immigrants they find. The raids are expected to take place in at least 10 major cities.

Preparation Is Key

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New York City is building a gigantic seawall to protect Staten Island

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Coastal engineers will soon begin construction on a massive seawall designed to protect New York City’s Staten Island from extreme weather conditions associated with global warming.

A prime example is Hurricane Sandy, which in 2012 smashed into Staten Island with waves up to 32 feet high. Dozens of people were killed.

The Details

The 615 million dollar seawall, which is part of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s $10 billion project to “climate-proof” the city, is designed to protect 5.3 miles of coast from waves as high as 35 feet.

The seawall is expected to prevent $30,000 in flood damage each year.

“The project is a proven engineering solution to withstand multiple storms, with adaptability to be modified in the future to address sea level rise, if required,” says project manager Frank Verga.

The seawall will be topped with a broad public walkway large enough to host concerts, carnivals, and other public events. It is expected to be completed by 2025.

Did you know… When glass breaks, the cracks move at speeds of up to 3,000 miles per hour.