Brexit And More Shootings

Grind for September 4th
“It is better to risk saving a guilty man than to condemn an innocent one.”

– Voltaire

Last Shot

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British MPs look for a way to make “no-deal Brexit” illegal

The Grind

Brexit is scheduled for October 31st and negotiators still haven’t signed a withdrawal agreement.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has promised to leave the EU with or without a deal, says he will reject any withdrawal agreement containing the “Irish backstop.”

EU negotiators insist the backstop is necessary.

“In a sense, the backstop is the maximum amount of flexibility that the EU can offer to a non-member state,” said Michel Barnier, the EU’s lead negotiator.

The Irish backstop is designed to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland by maintaining some EU trade rules in Northern Ireland.

The Details

As the chances of a no-deal Brexit increase, lawmakers are scrambling to pass legislation that would prevent the United Kingdom from leaving the EU without a deal.

“The legislation is intended to ensure we won’t leave without a deal…We have simply got to stop us leaving without a deal,” said shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer.

When asked whether the government would comply with such a law, Tory Minister Michael Gove said he would wait to see what the law looks like and what (if any) legislation is proposed by the opposition.

Sir Keir was shocked by Gove’s response.

“For ministers not to confirm that this government will accept and comply with legislation lawfully passed is breathtaking,” said Sir Keir. “The prime minister must make a statement on this straight away. No government is above the law.”

In the meantime, Johnson has asked the Queen to prorogue (suspend) Parliament for 23 days. If she agrees, lawmakers may not have enough time to pass any laws before October 31st.


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What we know about the latest shooting in Texas

The Grind

Seven people were killed and 22 injured this weekend during a peculiar shooting that began at a routine traffic stop on Interstate-20, between Odessa and Midland.

The incident began Saturday afternoon when Seth Aaron Ator, 36, became enraged and started firing at police using an “AR-type weapon.”

Ator continued firing shots from his vehicle as he drove west on Interstate-20. Witnesses say he stole a USPS postal van.

The Details

The chase ended inside a movie theater in Odessa, where Ator was shot and killed by police.

Two police officers were killed during the incident and at least three were injured.

The youngest victim, just 17-months-old, was transported to a hospital in Lubbock. She had shrapnel lodged in her chest and a hole in her lower lip. Both of her front teeth were missing.

Investigators believe Ator was heading to the movie theater, but don’t know whether he planned to open fire there.

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