Social Media Attacks Pro Life Group

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Its Getting Worse

The Headline

Social media is censoring the pro-life voice

The Grind

Facebook is being accused of liberal bias (again) for censoring content belonging to anti-abortion group LiveAction.

Facebook described the group’s claim that abortion is never medically necessary as “false” and “misleading” and posted a “fact-check” explaining why early delivery is not a suitable alternative to abortion in emergency cases.

“Preserving both the life of the mother and child by inducing early delivery [as LiveAction claims] is only possible if the fetus’ gestational age is advanced enough that it stands a chance of survival outside the womb,” Facebook said in a statement. “As this is not always the case, early delivery is not always a suitable alternative to abortion.”

Not surprisingly, both of the OB-GYNs Facebook tapped in writing its statement are pro-choice advocates.
The Details

Facebook’s attack on LiveAction follows similar moves by Twitter and YouTube, which won’t let the group run paid ads on their platforms. In June, Pinterest added LiveAction to a list of blocked pornography websites before banning it completely.

“This is clear evidence of bias and discrimination,” argues LiveAction President Lila Rose, who in July gave a speech at the White House about Big Tech’s blatant attempts to censor pro-life and conservative information.

That same month, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg donated $1 million to Planned Parenthood.

Another One

The Headline

Ransomware attack targets American dentists

The Grind

Hundreds of dental practices were crippled this week when a ransomware attack blocked access to schedules, patient charts, x-rays, and payment information.

“It had a devastating effect on our office,” says Paul Levine, a dentist who works in Milwaukee. “Until they got us up running, we were not able to see half of our patients because we were handicapped from taking x-rays. You can’t see an emergency patient without an x-ray.”

The Details

The attack, which targeted two Wisconsin-based companies that provide online services to dental offices throughout the country, locked up information at roughly 400 dental offices.

Three days later, only 100 offices had been restored.

“Restorations are ongoing,” said Brenna Sadler, a spokesperson for one of the targeted companies. “It’s a very difficult, lengthy, methodical process. So it’s taking some time.”

Sadler did not offer details about the ransom, but independent reports suggest the money was paid in order to recover information.

“Unfortunately, this latest attack seems to confirm that…most victims are finding themselves with little recourse but to meet the hackers’ demands,” writes Futurism’s Kristin Houser. “And unless that changes, hackers are unlikely to stop making those demands any time soon.”

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