Trump Offers TPS to El Salvadorans; Hillary Clinton

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The Headline

Trump Administration extends TPS to Salvadorans

The Grind

The Trump Administration decided this week to extend work permits for Salvadoran nationals living and working in the US with Temporary Protected Status (TPS), reversing a decision made in 2018.

Traditionally, TPS is granted to foreign citizens from regions facing war or natural disaster. The Salvadorans, which earned TPS in 2001 following a series of deadly earthquakes, will be allowed to remain in the US legally until 2021.

The Details

US Ambassador to El Salvador Ronald Johnson celebrated the decision as a ‘recognition of the achievements and good work of the Salvadoran government,’ while Administration officials portrayed the decision as something leading towards the ultimate departure of the Salvadorans.

“A clarification: some reporting has spoken of ‘extending TPS,'” said Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services. “That has important legal meaning, and that’s not what happened with the agreements. Rather, work permits for Salvadorans will be extended for one year past resolution of litigation for an orderly wind down period.”

The Trump Administration plans to repatriate the Salvadorans “in an orderly and responsible process,” confirmed the DHS.

The TPS announcement came alongside promises from the US and El Salvador to improve collaboration on “information sharing, border and aviation security, and internal diplomacy.”

In September, the US and El Salvador signed an agreement intended to reduce the flow of migrants trying to reach the US through Mexico.

Hillary Makes A Comeback?

Hillary Clinton may have lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump, but her campaign against him has just kicked into second gear.

This week, the media’s darling and failed candidate made the rounds, spewing her shrill calls for impeachment to anyone who gave her a microphone. She is everywhere!
In fact, Hillary had some choice words for Republicans. At Philly book tour stop, Hillary Clinton says the GOP should back Trump impeachment inquiry.

If Republicans, like the traitor Sen. Susan Collins, abandon ship, President Trump’s successes will be wiped out along with our chances in 2020. With the mainstream media speaking in unison, this is going to be a tough fight.

We here at The Daily Grind, which is a proud partner of the GOP and all of its committees, urge you to stand against corrupt Hillary Clinton and her powerful allies. Show Hillary how you feel about her saying Republicans should back Trump’s impeachment.

Join the movement to save OUR President before it’s too late.

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