Bubonic Plague in China

Grind for November 23rd
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Are You Serious?

The Headline

Bubonic plague in China

The Grind

Two patients in Beijing this month were diagnosed with bubonic plague -the same disease that killed up to 200 million people during the 1300’s.

The patients, a married couple, live in an autonomous region of northwest China called Inner Mongolia. Both have been diagnosed with pneumonic plague, the only strain of the Black Death that can be transmitted by coughing.

After a failed attempt to censor all Chinese-language news of the incident, Beijing finally confirmed the cases on November 12th – nine days after the couple was transported to a hospital in Beijing.

“Don’t hide things like this,” argued a Weibo user. “Let’s face whatever it is together. Cover-ups only make things worse!”

The Details

To prevent the plague from spreading, officials have quarantined the two patients and the emergency room where they were first admitted.

All individuals recently in contact with the patients have allegedly received preventative treatment.

China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention described the chances of an outbreak as “extremely low” and urged residents to “go to work normally and continue to seek medical treatment from hospitals.”

Official statements have not confirmed the origin of infection or the capability of Beijing’s hospitals to adequately diagnose, treat, and contain the disease.

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