Hong Kong Bill and Space Health Risks

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Senate unanimously supports Hong Kong protesters

The Grind

The US Senate this week voted unanimously on a measure that backs the violent pro-Democracy protest in Hong Kong.

The bill requires annual verification of human rights in Hong Kong and threatens to sanction any officials who have suppressed those rights.

Both chambers of Congress have passed legislation to ban the sale of munitions to the Hong Kong Police Force.

The Details

The protests in Hong Kong began months ago in response to a now-tabled bill that would have allowed the extradition of suspects to mainland China.

Over time, the protests evolved into a broader movement opposing Beijing and its control over the semi-autonomous region.

At times, the demonstrators have utilized anthems and Americans flags to appeal directly to the United States for help. Hong Kong’s government insists that support from the US is exacerbating the violence.

Hong Kong’s government responded to the Senate bill with “deep regret” and claimed it would harm the US-HK relationship. Beijing described the bill as a ‘violation of international law.’

Bad News

The Headline

NASA report exposes another risk for astronauts

The Grind

A recent report from NASA on the effects of space on circulation suggests prolonged time away from Earth can stop or reverse blood flow.

This is bad news for Elon Musk’s plans to colonize Mars.

The Details

For the study, NASA examined 11 healthy astronauts living at the International Space Station. Ultrasound tests revealed stagnated or reversed blood flow in the left internal jugular vein in seven participants.

Upon return to Earth, doctors found a blood clot in one participant and a partial clot in another participant.

“This was an unexpected finding,” says study author Michael Stenger. “We did not expect to see stasis and reverse flow. That is very abnormal. On Earth, you would immediately suspect a massive blockage or a tumor or something like that.”

The left internal jugular vein is a major blood vessel in the neck that helps drain blood from the brain and face. A blood clot in this location could travel to the lung, triggering a pulmonary embolism and possibly death.

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