Real Life Alien Hunters

Grind for November 27th
“Everybody pursues their national interests. The only one who gets blamed for it is the United States.”
– John Bolton

Trial Run

The Headline

NASA is testing its alien hunter in Antarctica

The Grind

NASA this Monday sent a submarine-like rover to Australia’s Casey research station in Antarctica.

When it arrives, researchers will conduct a series of tests before launching the Buoyant Rover for Under-Ice Exploration (BRUIE) on a months-long journey beneath the ice.

The Details

BRUIE is designed to look for tiny life forms in the water just beneath the ice.

“Most submersibles have a challenging time investigating this area, as ocean currents might cause them to crash, or they would waste too much power maintaining position,” explains NASA engineer Andy Klesh. “BRUIE, however, uses buoyancy to remain anchored against the ice and is impervious to most currents.”

If BRUIE’s trial run is successful, NASA plans to send it or a similar craft into space to investigate the waters of icy moons like Europa (orbiting Jupiter) or Enceladus (orbiting Saturn), where researchers predict life may exist.

A Change Of Heart

The Headline

Why a Facebook employee who advertised for Trump in 2016 is now working for the Democrats

The Grind

James Barnes is a former Facebook employee who worked directly with the Trump campaign as a resource for digital advertising.

In additional to Facebook’s sophisticated algorithms, Barnes coded a system that sent specialized ads directly to Facebook users who liked or commented on Donald Trump’s posts.

The system, which produced as many as 100,000 individual ads in a single day, pulled in millions of dollars for Trump’s campaign.

In a recent interview, Barnes described feeling immense pressure from Facebook and from the Trump campaign to produce successful ads.

He also faced criticism from people who questioned Facebook’s role in the election. Eventually, he began to question whether he was doing the right thing.

“It felt really isolating and lonely that I was at the nexus of all of this stuff,” said Barnes. “I used to describe my job as defending Trump to Facebook and defending Facebook to Trump.”

The Details

By the time Election Day rolled around, Barnes decided to vote for Hillary Clinton. This summer, he said the slogan “Make America Great Again” was about “activating the deepest, darkest, soul of white nationalism.”

Today, Barnes is a registered Democrat and works for Acronym, a progressive company that seeks to unseat President Trump.

Acronym views him as a sort of secret weapon.

“[Barnes] understands the most dominant platform in politics exceedingly well,” says Acronym executive and former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe. “He thinks differently from someone who grew up in politics a decade or more ago.”

Analysts predict total spending on digital ads for the 2020 election will reach nearly $3 billion (up from $1.4 billion in 2016).

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