Whales and a German Heist

Grind for November 29th
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– Friedrich Nietzsche

Save The Whales

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How whales could reverse climate change

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In a new report titled “Nature’s Solution to Climate Change,” scientists point to whales as our best solution to reverse climate change.

A single whale absorbs 33 tons of carbon dioxide during its lifetime. When a whale dies, all of that CO2 remains inside the whale’s body and sinks to the ocean floor.

To compare, a single tree removes roughly 2.4 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere over a period of 100 years.

The Details

“Nature has had millions of years to perfect her whale-based carbon sink technology,” reads the report. “All we need to do is let the whales live.”

Whales also produce waste that serves as nutrition for phytoplankton – tiny creates said to remove up to 40% of all CO2 produced.

Increasing global phytoplankton activity by just 1% would have the same effect as planting 2 billion trees.

“Coordinating the economics of whale protection must rise to the top of the global community’s climate agenda,” reads the report. “Since the role of whales is irreplaceable in mitigating the building resilience to climate change, their survival should be integrated into the objectives of the 190 countries that in 2015 signed the Paris Agreement for combating climate risk.”

Industrialized hunting has reduced the global whale population to roughly 1.3 million.

Breaking And Entering

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Historical jewelry theft in Dresden, Germany

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Its mid-November in Dresden and the German police are investigating a landmark jewelry heist: the theft of nearly 100 priceless Baroque jewels from the Royal Palace’s Green Vault (Grunes Gewolbe).

I’m not talking about a Netflix original series, I’m talking about real life.

The Details

Security footage shows two individuals entering the Green Vault through a window around 5:00am Monday morning. Museum guards called the police, but the thieves escaped before the police arrived.

“It’s certainly one of the greatest art robberies in history,” says London-based jewelry historian Vivienne Becker. “It’s as if someone broke into the Louvre and had taken the Mona Lisa.”

Considering the historical and cultural value of the jewels, experts say it is impossible to put a price on the theft.

“We are talking here of objects of immeasurable cultural value,” says Green Vault director Dirk Syndram.

Local police are still looking for the suspects and investigating whether two nearby fires are related to the burglary.

The Background

The Grunes Gewolbe, one of Europe’s largest treasure collections, features eight rooms housing jewelry and art obtained by Saxon ruler Augustus the Strong. The vault’s contents were stolen during WWII by the Soviet Red Army, but were returned to the Royal Place in 1958.

“There’s nothing like it in the world, in one place,” says Becker. “It was the symbol of man’s highest achievement at that age; it is very much more than jewelry.”

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