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Grind for December 1st
“Treasure the love you receive above all. It will survive long after your good health has vanished.” – Og Mandino

Amazon Heat

The Headline

Amazon under fire for endangering the health of employees

The Grind

Amazon is in the news once again, only this time it is regarding the company’s strenuous work schedule that has left some workers in chronic pain, according to The Atlantic.

“According to Amazon’s own records, the risk of work injuries at fulfillment centers is alarmingly, unacceptably high,” stated David Michaels, the former head of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The Details

“Amazon needs to take a hard look at the facilities where so many workers are being hurt and either redesign the work processes, replace the top managers, or both, because serious injury rates this high should not be acceptable to any employer,” Michaels continued.

This comes at a time that Amazon is truly pushing its employees to produce at high levels to ensure packages are sent out and delivered expeditiously. It was during an internal investigation that personal injuries among workers for Amazon was discovered at alarming rates.

Pizza Pizza

The Headline

Papa John’s founder belittles current pizza chain claiming the food ‘tastes different’

The Grind

Not one to go quietly, Papa John’s founder John Schnatter eats 40 Papa John’s pizza’s in one month and states that the food just isn’t the same, according to CNBC.

Schnatter accused Rob Lynch, the current CEO of Papa John’s, as being a big part of the problem. “He doesn’t really have a passion for quality, and probably most important–he doesn’t have a passion for people,” stated Schnatter in his explanation of why he thinks the food tastes so different. His comments were made during an interview with WDRB in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Details

After claiming that the recipe for the pizza’s were somehow changed, which explains why the food tastes so different, Schnatter then ends the interview by stating “The day of reckoning will soon come.”

Although the company did not comment on the interview, many individuals on social media commented by joking about Schnatter’s desire to eat so many pizzas in such a short amount of time. Many also questioned his motives for remaining in the public.

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