San Francisco and Impeachment

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Saw That Coming

The Headline

Homeless population creates sanitary crisis in San Francisco

The Grind

In the summer of 1858, massive amounts of human and industrial waste dumped into London’s River Thames created a historic stench thought to transmit contagious diseases. They called it the “Great Stink.”

Today, the same thing is starting to happen in San Fransisco as drug addicts and homeless defecate in the streets.

The Details

This week, a Twitter user uploaded a photo of a homeless man pooping inside a Safeway grocery store in San Francisco.

“Cleanup in Aisle 3!” tweeted John Dennis, a Republican running against Nancy Pelosi in next year’s primary elections. “I publicly warned in 2018 that if we let people violate our streets the homeless problem would get worse. The answer: Arrest, then offer a choice – jail or rehab.”

If this habit catches on, there’s no telling the effect on grocery chains and their employees.

The human waste problem is so bad that San Francisco has established a “poop patrol” to respond to complaints. The patrol has received more than 25,000 complaints so far this year.

“Isn’t it ironic that a city of germaphobes, of exercise-conscious, environmentally conscious…are now in a city that’s awash in human waste?” asks Fox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel. “Big outbreaks of hepatitis A, rats in the streets feeding off the garbage in sewage, typhus, typhoid fever, rotten bacterial infections, and even the plague may be coming.”

To prevent an outbreak of “medieval diseases,” adds Siegel, California must “offer bathroom facilities in temporary shelters, get costs, get food. This is what has to happen.”

Estimates suggest there are roughly 9,700 homeless in San Francisco and about 130,000 in the state

Russia Agrees

The Headline

Russian President agrees with Trump: Impeachment charges were “completely made up”

The Grind

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed support for President Trump this week as House Democrats voted for impeachment.

“The Democratic Party, which lost the elections, is now trying to revise this history through the means that they have at their disposal – first by accusing Trump of collusion with Russia. But then it turned out there was no collusion,” said Putin Thursday during an annual Q&A session with reporters.

“It could not form the basis for impeachment, and now there is this made-up pressure on Ukraine.”

The Details

Democrats recently approved two articles of impeachment:

— One for “abuse of power” (for pressuring Ukraine to investigate the Bidens)

— One for “obstruction of Congress” (for refusing to cooperate in the impeachment inquiry)

Lawmakers voted 230-197 on the first article and 229-198 on the second.

Democrats Collin Peterson (MN) and Jeff Van Drew (NJ) joined Republicans on both votes and Rep. Jared Golden (ME) joined Republicans on the second vote.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), who is running for president, voted “present” on both articles. Every single Republican opposed impeachment.

The next step will be a Senate trial presided over by Chief Justice John Roberts, after which lawmakers will vote on whether to keep Trump in office.

Presidents Trump and Putin are confident that Senate Republicans will vote to keep Trump in office.

“It’s unlikely they will want to remove their party member from office based on what are, in my opinion, completely fabricated reasons,” said Putin.

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