Baghdad, Texas Shooting Deterred

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The Headline

Protestors attack US consulate in Baghdad

The Grind

Protestors swarmed the US consulate in Baghdad last Monday, throwing rocks, setting fires, and chanting “death to America” after a series of US airstrikes killed 25 people on Sunday.

The airstrikes targeted the Kataib Hezbollah (KH) militia, an Iraqi security force backed by Iran. KH has been leading attacks on bases used by American forces – including an attack last Friday that killed a US military contractor and wounded two soldiers.

The US airstrikes were a defensive response to “the Iranian proxy attack that killed an American citizen and wounded American and Iraqi soldiers,” explained Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “Now, Iranian backed groups are threatening our Embassy in Baghdad.”

The Details

Local authorities used tear gas and stun grenades to clear protestors from the Embassy after President Trump urged Iraq to respond with force.

Meanwhile, Sec. Pompeo met with Iraqi President Barham Salih and Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi to “reiterate their obligation to protect our US personnel and property.”

Abdul-Mahdi, who views the US airstrikes as a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty, says he spoke with US officials last week and asked them to call off the airstrikes.

Speaking with reporters, Iraqi Interior Minister Yassine al-Yasseri described the attack on the Embassy as a product of the airstrikes. “This is one of the implications,” he said. “This is a problem and is embarrassing to the government.”

According to eyewitness reports, the protestors managed to get about 16 feet into the Embassy before they backed down in the face of US soldiers holding guns.

Later in the day, the US State Department confirmed the safety of the Embassy and all of its personnel. “There are no plans to evacuate,” said a spokesperson.

Good vs. Evil

The Headline

In Texas, good guys with guns kill bad guys with guns

The Grind

A potential mass slaying was preventing this Sunday when two volunteer security guards responded to a gunman who opened fire during a service at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas.

The perpetrator was shot and killed within six seconds of shooting his gun.

Two others were killed, including one of the guards, among a congregation of nearly 250 people.

“He was trying to do what he needed to do to protect the rest of us,” said Mike Tinius, a witness. “It’s extremely upsetting to see anyone committing violence.”

The Details

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Sunday night praised a recently enacted gun law allowing licensed firearms in places of worship. “Two of the parishioners who were volunteers of the security force drew their weapons and took out the killer immediately, saving untold number of lives,” said Patrick.

FBI investigators have not released the names of the victims or suspect, but confirmed the perpetrator had been arrested several times in the past. According to witnesses, the gunman entered the church wearing a fake beard and wig, making several people ‘uncomfortable.’

Authorities are still searching for a motive.

“I should have listened to my gut,” said Isabel Arreola, who shared a pew with the suspect. “While he was there, I couldn’t sing. I couldn’t pray. There was just something not right about him. But at the same time, I thought that maybe I was being too hard.”

The Takeaway

To reiterate a point I mentioned yesterday, gun control laws do not prevent loss of life. Just think what may have happened in that church if the perpetrator was the only person with a gun.

Less than six months ago, presidential hopeful Joe Biden criticized the Texas law allowing firearms in churches and mosques as “irrational.” Each and every one of the top 10 Democratic candidates are asking for stronger gun control laws.

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