California’s Light Bulb Ruling

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Not So Fast

The Headline

Federal judge allows California to implement light bulb efficiency standards that contradict federal law

The Grind

US District Judge Kimberly Mueller this week approved California’s adoption of new light bulb efficiency standards, rejecting a petition from two industry groups who said the rules conflict with federal law.

“Retailers will be burdened with perfectly good product that is now illegal for sale in California,” argues American Lighting Association executive Michael Weems. “Consumer access to these products is effectively eliminated.”

The Details

In her ruling, Mueller cited special exemptions allowing California and Nevada to implement tougher regulations than those required by the federal government.

Mueller’s decision “keeps California at the forefront of the movement to resist the Trump Department of Energy’s efforts to tie Americans to the technology of the past,” says Noah Horowitz, director of the Center for Energy Efficiency at the National Resources Defense Council.

“Given our climate crisis, it’s appalling that the greedy lighting manufacturers are still fighting these commonsense regulations that deliver massive carbon savings and put money back in consumers’ pockets.”

The new efficiency standards, introduced under President George W. Bush and expanded during the Obama Administration, seek to phase out all incandescent and halogen bulbs to be replaced by energy-efficient LED bulbs.

The rules were set to go into effect nationwide this month, but were reversed by the Trump Administration last September. Two months later, 16 states (including California) sued the federal government over the change.

If implemented, the new standards are expected to save Californians up to $2.4 billion on annual utility bills.

Count Me Out

The Headline

Democratic candidate Julian Castro leaves presidential race

The Grind

Presidential hopeful Julian Castro this week announced the end of his campaign, leaving 14 Democrats in the field as we approach the Iowa caucuses.

“I’ve determined that it simply isn’t our time,” said Castro, but “I’m not done fighting.”

The Details

Castro, 45, served as mayor of San Antonio, TX from 2009 until 2014, when he was appointed by President Obama as Sec. of Housing and Urban Development.

As the grandson of a Mexican immigrant, Castro was the only Latino candidate in the race. He joined the presidential race on January 12th, 2019, campaigning on promises to decriminalize border crossings by illegal immigrants.

Castro’s exit opens up the chances that he will tapped as a running mate (is this why he’s supporting Warren?) by one of the other candidates or perhaps a cabinet member if a Democrat wins the election in November

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