Warren Has a (Bad) Plan for That

Grind for January 30th
“Only the mediocre are always at their best.”

– Jean Giraudoux

A Waste Of Time

The Headline

Elizabeth Warren vows to investigate Trump Administration

The Grind

Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday promised to establish a special Department of Justice “task force” to investigate any “violations” committed by Trump Administration officials if she wins the election in November.

“Donald Trump has run the most corrupt administration in history,” said Warren. “If we are to move forward to restore public confidence in government and deter future wrongdoing, we cannot simply sweep this corruption under the rug in a new administration.”

The Details

Warren’s plan to restore integrity and remove corruption includes:

— The ending of all federal contracting arrangements “that arose as a result of corruption”

— The resignations of all Trump political appointees, including US attorneys

— A “cooling off” period for lobbyists (six years for corporate, two years for non-corporate)

— An investigation to determine if Trump’s immigration agenda broke any laws

“As President, I will appoint people who want to fulfill the purposes of our government, not undermine it – and that starts with some serious departures from the Trump Administration,” said Warren, adding that 50% or more of her Cabinet members will be women or non-binary individuals.

The Takeaway

Democrats wasted more than two years investigating Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia when they could have been writing legislation. When Robert Mueller’s investigation failed to prove collusion, they switched focus to Trump’s controversial phone to Ukraine. Now, as we move into the first primary elections, Democrats are focused solely on impeachment.

What this shows me is that removing Trump from office is more important than any other government function. If the Dems want Trump out of office that badly, they should have spent the past three years finding the perfect candidate to run against him – not trying to impeach him without proof of an impeachable offense.

Now, Senator Warren is promising to do the exact same thing: waste time and resources trying to find problems in the past instead of focusing on the present and the future. If she is elected, her idea would perpetuate the current circus the Dems are putting on.

What Warren fails to realize is that if she does this, so will the next president, and the next – thus establishing a toxic pattern that past leaders have avoided out of respect for the very position in which they serve.

A Change Of Plans

The Headline

Policy change seeks to reduce “birth tourism”

The Grind

The State Department on Thursday announced new restrictions that will make it harder for pregnant women to travel to the United States on tourist visas.
The policy is “intended to address the national security and law enforcement risks associated with birth tourism, including criminal activity associated with the birth tourism industry,” said a State Department spokesperson.

Currently, US law does not block travelers from coming to the United States specifically to give birth and there is an entire industry set up to accommodate them. In 2012, an estimated 36,000 foreign women gave birth in the United States and then left the country. In 2017, roughly 10,000 babies were born in the US to parents who were foreign residents.

The Details

The new rules, which go into effect Friday, require pregnant women applying for tourist visas to provide a legitimate reason for their visit to the US.

It is unclear how the rules will be enforced, however, as consular officers are not required to ask women if they are pregnant during visa interviews and most tourist visas are valid for 10 years.

At least one airline in Hong Kong requires women that appear pregnant to take a pregnancy test before visiting Saipan, an American territory that is a popular destination for expectant mothers.
In the US, authorities will rely on visual cues to determine if a woman is trying to come to the US specifically to give birth.

“This rule change is necessary to enhance public safety, national security, and the integrity of our immigration system,” said the White House in a statement.

Next week, President Trump is expected to add seven more countries to his controversial travel ban. The Administration has also asked the Supreme Court to lift a lower court ruling blocking the public-charge rule, which would impose a wealth test on immigrants looking to move to the United States.

Did you know… The first semi-permanent settlements appeared in Florida around 5000 B.C.