Cities Under Democratic Leadership Are More Dangerous

Grind for January 31st
“The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret.”

– Salvador Dali

Wild Accusations

The Headline

Sec. of State Mike Pompeo claims NPR journalist lied to him

The Grind

One day after a heated interview with veteran NPR journalist Mary Louise Kelly, Sec. of State Mike Pompeo released a statement accusing her of lying to him twice.

The first lie came “in setting up our interview,” said Pompeo. “I agreed to come on your show today…to talk about Iran.”

During the interview, Kelly asked Pompeo whether he felt that he owed an apology to Marie Yovanovitch, the former US ambassador to Ukraine who was fired based on accusations of disloyalty.

“I confirmed with your staff last night that I would talk about Iran and Ukraine,” said Kelly. “I never agree to take any topics off the table.”

The Details

Kelly’s second lie was “in agreeing to have our post-interview conversation off the record,” said Pompeo.

Kelly discussed the post-interview conversation with co-host Alan Shapiro on Friday, accusing Pompeo of “shouting” at her for nearly 10 minutes. “He was not happy to have been questioned about Ukraine,” said Kelly. “He asked, ‘Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?’ He used the F-word in that sentence and many others.”

Kelly says that she never agreed to keep the post-interview conversation with Pompeo off the record and would not have agreed to do so if asked.

“It is shameful that this reporter chose to violate the basic rules of journalism and decency,” wrote Pompeo. “This is another example of how unhinged the media has become in its quest to hurt President Trump and his Administration. It is no wonder that the American people distrust many in the media when they so consistently demonstrate their agenda and their absence of integrity.”

Pompeo’s statement elicited a letter of criticism from five Democratic Senators, who described his behavior as “beneath the office of the Secretary of State.”

NPR President John Lansing defended Kelly as “one of the most respected, truthful, factual, professional, and ethical journalists in the United States” and described Pompeo’s statement as “blatantly false.”

Lansing added that neither Kelly nor NPR “would be intimidated.”

Face The Facts

The Headline

The deadliest cities in the US are all run by Democrats

The Grind

Police officers in major cities throughout the country were busy on New Year’s Eve investigating a series of ‘accidental’ shootings that occurred amid the celebrations.

There were 10 shootings (5 of them fatal) in St. Louis on January 1st. At least 12 people were shot on New Year’s Eve in Cleveland and 2 in Baltimore. That same night, a 61-year-old woman in Houston, TX was killed by a stray bullet during a fireworks display.

As noted in the New York Times, “It was a typical start to the new year in a country accustomed to gun violence.”

The Details

While Democrats are quick to complain about gun violence, they are also the Party responsible for failed policies that contribute to gun violence.

Let’s take a look at the 10 US cities with the highest murder rate and their mayors:

1. St. Louis, MO (Lyda Krewson, Democrat)
2. Baltimore, MD (Bernard Young, Democrat)
3. Detroit, MI (Mike Duggan, Democrat)
4. New Orleans, LA (LaToya Cantrell, Democrat)
5. Baton Rouge, LA (Sharon Weston Broome, Democrat)
6. Memphis, TN (Jim Strickland, Democrat)
7. Dayton, OH (Nan Whaley, Democrat)
8. Shreveport, LA (Perkins, Democrat)
9. West Palm Beach, FL (Keith James, Democrat)
10. Washington, DC (Muriel Bowser, Democrat)

Here are the 10 most dangerous US cities in terms of violent crime:

1. Detroit, MI (Mike Duggan, Democrat)
2. Memphis, TN (Jim Strickland, Democrat)
3. Birmingham, AL (Randall Woodfin, Democrat)
4. Baltimore, MD (Bernard Young, Democrat)
5. St. Louis, MO (Lyda Krewson, Democrat)
6. Kansas City, MO (Quinton Lucas, Democrat)
7. Cleveland, OH (Frank G. Jackson, Democrat)
8. Little Rock, AR (Frank Scott Jr., Democrat)
9. Milwaukee, WI (Tom Barrett, Democrat)
10. Stockton, CA (Michael Tubbs, Democrat)

History tells us that murder and crime rates are directly linked to poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and education. Thus, based on the information listed above, we can conclude that Democratic mayors are doing an abysmally poor job running major cities in the United States – and voters should take this information into account before making a decision that could doom the country to increased violence in every city.

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