Is It Time For Brexit and Bernie?

Grind for February 4th
“The most formidable weapon against errors of every kind is reason.” – Thomas Paine

It’s About Time

The Headline

United Kingdom finally departs the EU

The Grind

Starting this year, January 31st will be recognized as “Brexit Day,” a holiday (or day or mourning) marking the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union.

In 2016, roughly 52% of British voters chose to leave the EU. After nearly four years of debate and negotiations, those voters are finally seeing the government follow through with their choice.

The Details

The historic decision to leave the EU prompted the departure of then-Prime Minister David Cameron and the election of Theresa May, whose entire term was consumed by her failure to negotiate a withdrawal agreement.

By the time she resigned, millions of Britons were calling for a second referendum.

May was replaced by Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary who had resigned from her Cabinet one year earlier in opposition to her weak withdrawal proposals. Johnson campaigned on promises that he could force the EU to renegotiate and make Brexit happen.

Boris Johnson assumed office in July and promised to deliver Brexit by Halloween. He successfully renegotiated the withdrawal deal with EU leaders, including major changes to the Irish backstop, and agreed to abandon the idea of a no-deal Brexit so Labour would approve another general election.

The election was held in mid-December. Johnson’s Conservatives claimed an overwhelming majority resulting in a Tory majority not seen since Margaret Thatcher’s election in 1987.

The January 31st departure date was signed into law on January 28th.

Brexit occurred at 11:00 pm on Friday and will move forward with an 11-month transition period during which Johnson will attempt to negotiate trade deals with his largest partners. He says he can complete trade deals with the US and the UK by the end of 2020.

A Star Is Born

The Headline

Bernie Sanders is rising

The Grind

The Bernie Sanders campaign is showing impressive momentum as we head into the Iowa Democratic caucuses this week.

Bernie has a slight lead over his primary rival, Joe Biden, in most Iowa polls.

Nationwide, he has 23.5% support compared to Biden’s 27.2%. Elizabeth Warren is in third place with 15%, followed by Michael Bloomberg with 8% and Pete Buttigieg with 6.7%.

The Details

Relying mainly on small donations, Sanders was able to spend a whopping $50 million during the last quarter of 2019 (that’s at least $15 more than Biden and Warren) and finish the year with $18.2 million still in his war chest.

According to reports, Biden finished the year with $8.9 million.

Bernie’s ever-expanding bank account will give him an advantage as we move closer to Super Tuesday, the 14-state primary that requires candidates to spend millions of dollars on advertising.

“The Super Tuesday states are terribly expensive,” says Republican consultant Jeff Roe. “You need to be able to participate in major media markets to get your share of the votes – you can’t just rely on momentum alone…You need to have that war chest.”

This week, Bernie reserved $2.5 million in TV ads in California and Texas.

He also earned some free publicity by arguing with Hillary Clinton, who recently said this about him: “Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done, he was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

Later, Clinton said she would support any Democratic candidate in the hopes of defeating Trump.

The Takeaway

Bernie’s fairytale promises have deluded an astonishing number of voters.

He is on a roll moving into the primaries and will probably earn a substantial number of delegates. Unfortunately, Bernie is a Socialist and therefore has no understanding of economics. The crowning achievement of his long Senate career is the naming of a post office.

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