Trump’s New India Arms Deal

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The Headline

Trump announces $3 billion defense deal with India

The Grind

Speaking to a cheering crowd in Ahmedabad on Monday, President Donald Trump announced plans to sign a series of massive military deals with India.

New Delhi has already approved the purchase of 24 maritime helicopters from Lockheed Martin for $2.6 billion and the US State Department has approved the potential sale of $1.8 billion in rifles, missiles, and other weapons to India.

Perhaps these new deals will convince India to abandon plans to purchase Russia’s S-400 anti-aircraft system, a giant radar that threatens to undermine US operations in South Asia.

“We make the greatest weapons ever made,” said Trump during his recent visit to India. “We make the best and we’re dealing now with India…this includes advanced air-defense systems and armed and unarmed aerial vehicles.”

The Details

During his trip, Trump participated in a “mega-rally” with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, toured the Taj Mahal, and visited the former home of independence leader Mohandas Gandhi.

“We are in the early stages of discussion for an incredible trade agreement to reduce barriers of investment between the United States and India,” added Trump. “And I am optimistic that, working together, the prime minister and I can reach a fantastic deal that’s good and even great for both of our countries.”

This is great news. Former US presidents have avoided military deals with India based on the nation’s longtime conflict with NATO ally Pakistan, but Trump understands that we need India on our side to balance China’s military aggression.

Death Wish

The Headline

Flat-Earther “Mad Mike” dies in homemade rocket

The Grind

Mike Hughes AKA “Mad Mike” died last weekend when he launched himself into the sky in a rocket he built himself.

The rocket appears to have hit a ladder during launch, pushing it off course and sending it into a nosedive. The rocket crashed into the desert floor near Barstow, CA, killing Hughes.

“[The ladder] ripped off a parachute can, which deployed the parachute, which got caught in the thrust of the rocket and kind of took the rocket off course a little bit,” says reporter Justin Chapman. “Everyone was just stunned and didn’t know what to do.”

The Details

Hughes launched himself into the sky twice before, reaching 1,374 feet in 2014 and 1,875 feet in 2018.

Before rocketry, Hughes was a stuntman known for jumping limos. In 2002, he broke the world record for longest limousine ramp jump when he jumped a 6,500-pound Lincoln Town car stretch limo 103 feet at Perris Auto Speedway.

“Sometimes, I feel like the cartoon character Wile E. Coyote, when he suddenly runs off a cliff,” said Hughes in 2003. “But it’s the price I pay for a life that’s not boring.”

Hughes’s rocket launches were designed to attract funding to build a “rockoon” – half rocket, half balloon – that could take him to the 62-mile-high barrier that separates the Earth’s atmosphere from the vacuum of space.

From that vantage point, he could determine once and for all if the Earth was flat.

Did you know… Dolphins sleep with one eye open