Trump Restricts Travel from Europe to Fight Spread of Coronavirus

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Trump Restricts Travel from Europe to Fight Spread of Coronavirus

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President Trump on Wednesday said the U.S. would restrict travel from Europe for the next 30 days and use executive orders to offer financial relief to individuals and small businesses in his most extensive steps to date to address the crisis of the coronavirus.

Trump said the extraordinary restrictions would not apply to Great Britain, which formally left the European Union at the end of January. Ireland is also exempt from the restrictions, according to a proclamation later issued by the White House.

Trump, in just his second Oval Office address since taking office, sought to assure a worried nation about the spread of the virus, which has infected more than 1,000 Americans and killed more than 30 thus far.

The Details

The president used the sober 11 minute address to detail the new travel restrictions and targeted economic relief for small businesses and individuals impacted by the virus, while calling on Congress for further action on payroll tax relief and benefits for hourly workers.

“We are at a critical time in the fight against the virus,” Trump said, reading from prepared remarks.”We made a lifesaving move with early action on China. Now we must take the same action with Europe.”

“I will never hesitate to take any steps to protect the lives, health and safety of the American people. I will always put the wellbeing of America first,” Trump said. Read more…






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6 Recent Examples of Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline That Should Concern Us All

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Joe Biden’s gaffes have been a source of humor for years, but now that the odds are very much in favor him being the Democratic nominee, it doesn’t seem all that funny anymore. Truth be told, there are plenty of Biden gaffes that are just that: gaffes. Everyone has them. But, there have been quite a few moments on the campaign trail that seem to be more serious than your garden-variety gaffes, and actually appear to be manifestations of Biden’s cognitive decline.

I’ve reviewed recent Biden gaffes to compile what I believe to be the best examples of evidence of Biden’s cognitive decline. There are plenty of gaffes not included here. For example, Biden not knowing what city or state he’s in is something we’ve seen from politicians who travel a lot who we don’t suspect of having diminished mental capacity.


The Details

The incident where Biden mixed up his wife and sister, I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he simply expected them to be on the opposite sides of him that they were on.

6. His confusion with black women Senators

It was such an awkward moment during the November debate when Joe Biden, touting his support from the African American community, noted “I have more people supporting me in the Black community because they know me, they know who I am. Three former chairs of the Black Caucus, the only African American woman elected to the US Senate [Carol Moseley Braun], a whole range of people,” he said.

“That’s not true,” Senator Cory Booker said right away.

“The other one is here,” Senator Kamala Harris fired back at Biden.

“I said first!” Biden said trying to recover from his mistake, though he never actually said first. Read more…






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