As Biden, Caught Up in Scandal, He Says if Elected He Won’t Pardon Trump

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As Biden is Caught Up in Scandal, He Says if Elected He Won’t Pardon Trump

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Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, who this week was revealed to be caught up in the Obama administration’s “unmasking” scandal, said during an interview on Thursday night that if he is elected, he will not stop the Department of Justice from investigating President Donald Trump and will not offer him a pardon.

During an interview on left-wing MSNBC, Biden had the following exchange with a questioner:

QUESTION: Would you be willing to commit to not pulling a President Ford and giving Donald Trump a pardon under the pretense of healing the nation? In other words, are you willing to commit to the American ideal that no one is above the law?

BIDEN: Absolutely. Yes, I commit.

The Details

Biden later said that it would be “hands off completely,” saying “that will not happen, I guarantee you.”

Biden’s remarks come after declassified government records from the Obama administration were released this week by the U.S. Senate that showed that Biden was one of several Obama administration officials who requested the unmasking of then-incoming national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The Daily Wire reported that the list showed that Biden requested to “unmask the identity of former National Security Adviser, Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn (USA-Ret)” on January 12, 2017. Read more…






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Joe Biden Claims Coronavirus ‘Cost More than 85,000 Jobs

Joe Biden marred his facts on Thursday during a virtual roundtable with three governors supporting his campaign.

While speaking with Govs. Ned Lamont (D-CT), Phil Murphy (D-NJ), and Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI), Biden said, “We’re in the middle of a pandemic that has cost us more than 85,000 jobs as of today. Lives of millions of people, millions of people, millions of jobs.”

The Details

To date, there have been 85,066 deaths in American blamed on COVID-19, and over 1.4 million cases in the U.S., according to Reuters. There have been 300,798 deaths globally, reported.

Over 26 million jobs have been lost for U.S. workers in the five weeks since the coronavirus outbreak began, according to NPR.

The event kicked off awkwardly when Biden was introduced but wasn’t notified he was on camera and was supposed to begin. Read more…



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