The Crisis in Nursing Homes Just Got Worse

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No Bailouts 

The Headline

The Crisis in Nursing Homes Just Got Worse

The Grind

Democrats like to portray themselves as The Party of Science, so why are they still sticking COVID-19 victims in nursing homes in Democrat-run Minnesota?

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported on Wednesday that “Minnesota nursing homes are still being allowed by state regulators to admit coronavirus patients who have been discharged from hospitals.”

This, despite the fact that nursing homes represent a whopping four out of five COVID-19 related death in the Democrat-run North Star State. The official figure is 81%.

The Details

Has the Party of Science learned nothing?

At the very best, they’re learning very slowly. The Star-Tribune reports that the “practice is drawing strong opposition from some lawmakers” who are “calling for more state scrutiny over transfers.”

So if I’m reading this correctly, there are a few Minnesota lawmakers who want state regulators who are already putting the infected in with the vulnerable, to finally take a closer look at that, approximately 629 dead nursing home residents later.

You have to read down to the fifth paragraph to learn that the one lawmaker reporter Chris Serres quoted actually calling for something to change is Sen. Karin Housley, a Republican. Read more…







The Headline

D.C. Circuit Orders Judge Sullivan to Respond to Michael Flynn Petition

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ordered D.C. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan on Thursday to respond by June 1 to former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s writ of mandamus petition.

On Tuesday, Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, filed a petition for the writ of mandamus, asking the appellate court to grant the Department of Justice (DOJ) motion to dismiss the charges against Flynn. She also asked the court to take Judge Sullivan off the case, and to vacate his order inviting outside arguments against dismissing the prosecution.

The Details

Flynn pleaded guilty in 2017 to lying to the FBI, though it was not clear he had actually done so. Later, as evidence emerged of potential FBI and DOJ misconduct, Flynn sought to withdraw his plea. After Attorney General Willam Barr assigned U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Jensen to review the case, new documents were turned over to the defense that suggested the FBI knew Flynn had done nothing wrong but targeted him anyway in an effort to have him removed.

Earlier this month, the DOJ filed a motion with Judge Sullivan asking to drop the case. But the left, and the media, cried foul, and Sullivan responded favorably to arguments that he should allow outside counsel to intervene by filing amicus curie (“friend of the court”) briefs – an unusual step, and one that he had refused to allow earlier in the case. Read more…




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