Senator Tom Cotton Shreds New York Times For Caving to ‘Woke Mob’

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Senator Tom Cotton Shreds New York Times For Caving to ‘Woke Mob’

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Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) blasted The New York Times on Thursday evening after the Times caved to leftists online and within their news organization and issued a statement saying that they should have never published Cotton’s op-ed, despite the fact that the idea presented in the piece is supported by the majority of the American public.

“I can tell you my op-ed doesn’t meet The New York  Times’ standards, it far exceeds their standards, which are normally full of left-wing sophomoric dribble,” Cotton said.

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“And I find it amazing that in the last 24 hours, the editor of ‘The New York Times’ and the publisher of ‘The New York Times’ have both defended the decision to publish the op-ed, but in the face of the woke mob of woke kids that are in their news room, they tucked tail and they ran, they confessed and said they were gonna go into reeducation camp and they were gonna cut the number of op-eds they run, and for that I will say to the world, you’re welcome for getting “The New York Times’ to run less of the garbage that you normally see in their pages.”

On the notion that deploying the military to restore order in Democrat-controlled cities was somehow not needed, Cotton said, “I bet a lot of business owners in midtown Manhattan who had their business smashed by people who brought crowbars and bricks to a peaceful protest would beg to differ that the New York Police Department, not because of their own faults, but because of their hapless mayor, couldn’t protect their property, their livelihoods, and in some cases, many were threatened or felt threatened for their lives as well.” Read more…





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Navy Veteran Released from Iran Praises Trump for ‘Making America Great Again’

Retired Navy veteran Michael White, who was incarcerated in Iran for approximately two years, issued high praises for President Trump after his release.

On Thursday, White, a 48-year-old cancer patient, said his health has improved since being released from Iran and thanked Trump for his actions to “make America great again.”

“I do want to extend my personal thanks to President Trump for his efforts both diplomatically and otherwise to making America great again. And I look forward to what’s going to happen here in the future,” White said.

The Details

White said his condition has improved since being released, though noting he contracted COVID-19 while in Iran prior to being placed on furlough. “Getting a lot better as a result of Swiss Embassy and all the efforts of the Trump administration,” he said.

The president tweeted shortly after that he had spoken with White over the phone and that White will board a plane en route to the United States from Zurich, Switzerland. Trump said White’s release from Iran, which fired rockets at Iraqi air bases with U.S. personnel just months ago, makes possible a potential diplomatic solution between the two countries. Read more…





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