Michigan’s Whitmer Supports ‘Defunding The Police,’ Then Says Police Are Underfunded

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Michigan’s Whitmer Supports ‘Defunding the Police,’ Then Says Police are Underfunded

The Grind

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer stated that she supports the “idea” of the “defund the police” movement before dismissing any potential push to cut funding to Michigan law enforcement.

Whitmer, a Democrat, voiced support for “defund the police” on Tuesday in an interview with The Root. In general, “defund the police,” means cutting or abolishing police departments and spending those resources in areas such as education or social programs.

The Details

“It’s really about reprioritizing and rebuilding communities, not just policing,” Gov. Whitmer said, according to WDIV. “You look at budgets and they’re focused on policing – they should be focused on education, transportation, access to health care, access to skills and leveling the playing field.”

“I think you do all those other things, you don’t need all the money that’s going to the police departments. So, yeah, I mean, the spirit of it, I do support that spirit of it,” Whitmer said.

She later backtracked on her comments in an interview with the Detroit Free Press, saying that she does not support cutting funding to law enforcement. Read more…





Take Back

The Headline

Donald Trump to Seattle: ‘Take Back Your City NOW’

President Donald Trump demanded Wednesday that officials in Seattle take back the portion of their city occupied by a group of radical left protesters.

“Radical Left Governor Jay Inslee and the Mayor of Seattle are being taunted and played at a level that our great Country has never seen before,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Take back your city NOW.”

The radical group of protesters blocked off six blocks in the city of Seattle, including Capitol Hill, declaring it the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” and they issued a list of demands to authorities on Wednesday. Gov. Inslee said during a press conference on Wednesday he was unaware of the problem.

The Details

Trump appeared angry that local officials did not immediately remove the protesters and take back the area, and he threatened to send in federal forces.

“If you don’t do it, I will,” Trump wrote. “This is not a game. These ugly Anarchists must be stopped IMMEDIATELY. MOVE FAST!”

The group demanded that the city abolish the Seattle Police Department and prisons, as well as giving amnesty to all illegal migrants, free health care, and college for all.

The Seattle Police Department closed and abandoned the East Precinct within the six-block area on Monday, allowing the protesters to have free reign of the area. Read more…



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