New York’s Murder Rate Is Up. Way Up.

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The Headline

New York’s Murder Rate Is Up. Way Up.

The Grind

The New York Post’s Nicole Gelinas reports that after decades of Big Apple violent crime declining and staying flat, it’s going the wrong way fast.

Over the month ­until June 7 – including the crucial Memorial Day weekend – New York’s murder rate more than doubled, to 42 murders, from 18 the year before – a jolt of 133 percent. Shooting victims, including wounded, are up 45 percent. Stabbings are up, too.

The Details

To be clear: Going back to the early ’90s, New York has never seen a sustained increase of this magnitude. Nothing close: The nearest spike in the early summer month was a short-lived 63 percent hike in 2006, just half-today’s increase. And that ­increase did portend an 11 percent murder hike for all of 2006, the second-highest in three decades.

This isn’t an aberration coming off a good spring. For the year, murder is up 25 percent. If these rates hold, New York would end 2020 with an increase in murders twice as high as we’ve seen since 1990.

1990 is an important year in crime. There were 23,440 murders in the United States that year. New York suffered 2,262 of those, making it the nation’s bloodiest city. That same year, Chicago had 849 murders. Violent crime had been rising for decades up to the 1990s, to the point that it was an important part of the national conversation. Read more…





Walking Out

The Headline

Multiple Reports: Atlanta Cops Walk Out in Protest

Swathes of police officers in Atlanta, GA, are “walking off the job,” according to multiple reports published Wednesday evening.

Todd Starnes tweeted, “Breaking News: Georgia police sources tell me only two police precincts are staffed in the entire city of Atlanta. Entire zones of officers are walking off the job. Zones 1,3,5 and 6 have left their posts. Zones walking off the job. #BlueLivesMatter.”

The Details

Atlanta’s CBS affiliate reported that it had confirmed the walkout through its own sources:

Several Atlanta Police officers have reportedly walked off the job at precincts across the city. The claim comes hours after charges were filed against ex officer Garrett Rolfe and Officer Devin Brosnan in the Rayshard Brooks’ case.

The buzz of patrol officers staging walkouts and refusing to answer calls from Precincts 3,5,6 and others began circulating social Wednesday evening. CBS46 confirmed the walkout through sources at 8:30 p.m. Read more…




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