Media Report Rise in COVID-19 Cases, Ignore Decline in Deaths

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The Headline

Media Report Rise in COVID-19 Cases, Ignore Decline in Deaths

The Grind

You’ve seen the headlines: Confirmed COVID-19 cases are up.

But have you seen the other news? Deaths from the virus are down – way down.

On June 27, there were 623 deaths attributed to COVID-19, according to Two days later, the death toll in the U.S. was 265.

By comparison, 4,928 people died in the U.S. on the peak day, April 16. Deaths have been declining steadily, at least until June 26, when the toll reached 2,437 (the website notes that “some states added probable deaths” on that date). The deaths rose again to 1,270 on Tuesday, but at least one COVID watchdog said there was again a reason for that rise.

The Details

“That ‘spike’ yesterday includes more than 600 backdated NYC cases, most from three weeks or more ago. In reality deaths dropped again week over week (about 25%),” Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter who has been on the forefront of covering the virus, wrote on Twitter.

Berenson has been all over the death rate. “Amazing charts here showing positive tests (cases), hospitalizations, and deaths in Florida. The link between the three has broken down completely. Positive tests are up 5x since early June but hospital admissions and deaths are no higher than mid-May…,” he wrote June 26 on Twitter. Read more…





The Headline

Biden Commits to Debating Trump, Defends Removing Statues

On Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden held a press conference during which he said he was committed to holding three debates with President Trump and made clear that he supports the removal of statues and monuments dedicated to figures from American history.

“Look, I am committed to following the debate, the National Debate Group that sets up these debates, who they pick as the moderators, three of them,” said the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

The Details

“It’s been this way for a long time. The first one is a one-on-one debate with a moderator. The next one is led by a town meeting set and a third one is a normal debate again. I commit to those. I’m looking forward to them.”

During the press conference, Biden also claimed that there was “systemic racism” in America.

Speaking of the movement to remove statues and monuments around the country, Biden stated there was “systemic racism” in America and praised the movement, even appearing to defend those who are toppling statues. Read more…




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