New Poll Signals There Might Be ‘Secret Trump’ Backers That Could Tilt Election

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New Poll Signals There Might Be ‘Secret Trump’ Backers That Could Tilt Election

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Is there really a silent majority out there?

Pollsters were in near unanimous agreement that Hillary Clinton would trounce Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

“The HuffPost presidential forecast model gives Democrat Hillary Clinton a 98.2 percent chance of winning the presidency. Republican Donald Trump has essentially no path to an Electoral College victory,” the HuffPost wrote Nov. 7, 2016. “Clinton’s win will be substantial, but not overwhelming. The model projects that she’ll garner 323 electoral votes to Trump’s 215.”

Opposite. Trump won by a count of 304-227. (Write-ins picked up 7 electoral votes).

The Details

And again in 2020, pollsters say Democrat Joe Biden is well on his way to a landslide. He holds a hefty lead in the Real Clear Politics average of all nationwide polls (7.7%) and leads in every state deemed “swing” by the political website, most well out of the margin of error.

But a new poll by Monmouth University finds that something else might be in play: Secret Trump voters.

“The media consistently reports that Biden is in the lead, but voters remember what happened in 2016. The specter of a secret Trump vote looms large in 2020,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute. Read more…






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Protesters in Kentucky Charged With Trying to Intimidate the Attorney General

The Louisville Metro Police Department says that 87 protesters demanding the arrest of police officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor were themselves arrested at the home of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. The protesters, many of them sitting on the lawn in front of Cameron’s house, were arrested without incident.

The Details

CBS News: The protest began Tuesday evening near Ballard High School in Louisville, Kentucky, CBS News affiliate WLKY-TV reports. The protesters marched from the school to Cameron’s home, with many of the demonstrators sitting and standing on Cameron’s lawn. The protesters, who were chanting slogans demanding justice for Taylor, were asked to leave by the police, but many chose to stay. Those who did were arrested without incident, according to WLKY-TV.

The police say that the protesters were trying to “influence the decision of the Attorney General with their action.” They weren’t over there to borrow a cup of sugar. Read more…


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