President Provides Six-Page Document Detailing Successes of Administration

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President Provides Six-Page Document Detailing Successes of Administration

The Grind

President Donald Trump provided Breitbart News during an exclusive Oval Office interview with a six page document detailing several of his administration’s accomplishments.

The document, which is up to date as of early August and provided by the president to Breitbart News during his Oval Office interview on Monday, goes through what the president said was “page after page” of accomplishments.

“This is for you,” President Trump told Breitbart News as he handed the six-page document across the Resolute Desk. “I just had this done. These are the accomplishments. It’s page after page of stuff look – nobody’s done.”

The Details

The document contains just one subjective shot at his opponents in the establishment media, echoing the president’s claim that he has boosted television ratings and subscription sales and website traffic for the media. “Saved the NY Times, saved the Washington Post, and saved Cable TV,” reads the first item at the top of the first page.

In that vein, during his interview with Breitbart News, the president took some shots at establishment media outlets like CNN and MSNBC, which he called MSDNC.

“I think CNN is election interference because, you know, they are just an organ pipeline for the DNC. Look at what they do. Same with MSDNC,” Trump said. “Look, MSDNC is an absolute vehicle to get the word out. They should actually pay campaign contributions on what they’re doing. This is about a campaign contribution. I’ve never seen anything like it. MSDNC, CNN, the networks, everything – and yet, here we are. Look. Do you notice, it’s oval? It’s not round. Read more…





Need To Know 

The Headline

3 Things You Need To Know About Kamala Harris, Biden’s VP Pick

On Tuesday, former Vice President and presumptive Democratic 2020 presidential nominee Joe Biden announced failed presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his VP pick.

Here are three things you need to know about Harris.

1. Harris viciously went after journalists who exposed Planned Parenthood via undercover videos, a troubling account to anyone who values the First Amendment.

Serving as California’s attorney general in 2015, Harris opened an investigation and sued journalist David Daleiden “through an unprecendented application of an eavesdropping law,” Fox News noted.

The Details

The Center for Medical Progress’ Daleiden and journalist Sandra Merritt’s work exposed the alleged illegal selling of aborted baby body parts by Planned Parenthood, a taxpayer-funded abortion organization that lines the pockets of Harris.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh noted of the seeming conflict of interest and unprecedented attack on the free press, last year:

It has been decided that the case can proceed, which means that Democratic California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, a Planned Parenthood supporter and grateful recipient of Planned Parenthood donations, will lead the prosecution against the people who embarrassed Planned Parenthood. Before Becerra, it was now-Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) who received money from the abortion giant and expressed support for the abortion giant, all while pursuing legal penalties against the abortion giant’s enemies. Read more…



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